Dearest One

Doctor Accardi wants to expand his medical knowledge so he can better serve his people in Sicily Italy. He's offered an internship of sorts at one of the best hospitals in Denver Colorado. What he finds is much more than he expected. Love, old memories, new friendships, and a few surprises and problems along the way make for an interesting time in the O.R.


8. Chapter Seven

Piero walked down the hospital hall greeting different patients and other doctors. He saw Mrs. Wilson on her wheelchair being rolled down the hall by George. He smiled and headed their way.

"Doctor, my grandson is taking me home." She said in form of greeting. She looked incredibly happy. Her cheeks were a soft shade of pink and her smile was wide. Piero smiled back and looked up at George, giving him a smile as well.

"I'm glad Margaret." He leaned down to her level and hugged her tightly. "You behave yourself now, and no more making up fake ailments." He warned sweetly.

She smiled and waved goodbye. George nodded to Piero and wheeled her down the hall heading to the exit.

Piero smiled and continued on his way to the elder citizen ward.

"And this one is for you. I know how much you like to flirt, so I brought you this." He handed the elder woman a long silver tube of bright red lipstick. "But no flirting with other doctors, because I am a jealous man and I don't want any problems." He teased.

Mrs. Hoshy's face lit up in a smile. She placed a thick coat of lipstick on her lips then smirked widely at him. "I'm going to give you a run fro your money sweetheart."

Nayelli smiled next to them. She loved to see Piero interact with the patients. He was such a nice and attentive man. He was always so sweet to everyone he was around. Their date was coming up and she was more than ready and excited.

Piero stood and said his goodbies before giving Nayelli a soft kiss on the cheek and walking out. She melted at the simple gesture and the butterflies in her stomach went wild.

She had it bad.

Mrs. Hoshy smiled up at her sweetly. "You like him don't you, sweetheart?" She probed.

Nayelli blushed lightly. "Yes ma'am."

The elderly woman grabbed her hand and squeezed it softly. "He's such a sweet man and I can tell he is crazy about you too."

Nayelli's blush deepened and she smiled shyly.

"Oh Linda, you say the craziest things." She smiled.

"You can call me crazy all you want honey, but I can bet you anything, that boy is in love with you." She pressed.

If only she was right, Nayelli thought, hopeful.

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