Dearest One

Doctor Accardi wants to expand his medical knowledge so he can better serve his people in Sicily Italy. He's offered an internship of sorts at one of the best hospitals in Denver Colorado. What he finds is much more than he expected. Love, old memories, new friendships, and a few surprises and problems along the way make for an interesting time in the O.R.


10. Chapter Nine

Piero walked into the hospital early the next morning. He was too happy to sleep. He had tried but it was futile. Nayelli was on his mind at all hours. After their dancing times last night, he had walked her home and they were inseparable for about another hour or two. They sat on her porch holding each other and kissing softly. He couldn't help feeling the way he did towards her. It was just something that was growing inside him with every passing second, hour, and day. He loved her and he couldn't hide it any longer.

Pablo came up to Piero with a huge grin on his face. This wasn't uncommon, considering Pablo was a happy guy, but it still made Piero anxious. What was going on? Did something happen? Was it good news? Was it Jeff?

"We can do it!" He announced excitedly.

Piero gave him a questioning look. Do what? Save lives? Eat peanut butter with a fork? Adopt a Norwegian puppy? The possibilities were endless. He needed to be more specific here.

"Jeff's father concented to the surgery!" Piero's eyes widened. He couldn't believe it. Was Pablo playing around with him? Did he hear him correctly?


Pablo nodded, "He came in early this morning and said something about you being right and that we should operate on Jeff as soon as we can." Pablo explained. "He said he needed to make things right and begged us to save his son."

Piero smiled widely and embraced Pablo tightly. This was incredible! Jeff was finally going to get his miracle. He was going to be okay.

"When are you doing it?" He asked.

"In an hour. And I want you to help." Pablo grinned.


"Yeah, I need your help. I want you to be there. You care about Jeff more than anyone and I want you to be a part of his recovery."

Piero join in on a surgery? Could he do it again? After...

I guess we'll find out, he thought. Jeff will be okay.


"Pablo he's not responding!" Piero called out, panic in his voice. Pablo picked up the A.D preparing to administer schock revival. He inserted three shocks to Jeff's chest. It gave no result.

"Give me thirty!." He ordered. Piero did as he was told, raising the voltage on the A.D and Pablo shocked Jeff again.

A spark ignited Jeff's heart and the heart monitor started to beeped, indicating Jeff's heart was responding.

They sighed in relief and continued the surgery with shaking fingers.

After four long hours in the O.R, Pablo stepped out into the waiting room to face Jeff's parents.

They stood up immediately upon seeing him. "Doctor, how's Jeff?" Mister Woods asked. Their eyes were full of hope and faith. They wanted their son to be okay, to see him laugh and run around the house like he used to do when he was younger. They wanted to hold him, play with him and cherish the years they had with their only son.

Pablo took a look at them both. Jeff's mom was pale and looked like she had been crying. Mister Woods, on the other hand, had large dark circles under his eyes from lack of sleep.

"The surgery was a success." He smiled. "We were able to remove all of the cancer from him and now all that's left to do is have him recover. And give it time."

Jeff's mom began to cry, hugging her husband tightly. He wrapped his arms around her and thanked Pablo profusely. They smiled gratefully.

Sure, there had been a few complications, but Jeff had hung on and fought his way through. It also helped that Piero was a very talented Doctor. He was brilliant and was who did most of the hard work.

"Don't thank me, it's my job. Doctor Accardi however, was a big help and he's the one who got Jeff through the everything." Pablo said, giving them one last smile and hug before leaving them alone. They embraced once more and clung to each other. Their relationship had drastically changed since a few days ago. Unknowingly, Piero had changed Mr. Wood's mind about a lot more than just the surgery. He had realized he wasn't ready to leave his family behind. He still loved his wife like the first day they'd met and he was willing to fight for her and her son until the end. He wasn't going to lose them again. He had a lot of making up to do.

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