Dearest One

Doctor Accardi wants to expand his medical knowledge so he can better serve his people in Sicily Italy. He's offered an internship of sorts at one of the best hospitals in Denver Colorado. What he finds is much more than he expected. Love, old memories, new friendships, and a few surprises and problems along the way make for an interesting time in the O.R.


6. Chapter Five

Piero sat in Cafe Divine later that day, sipping on a cup of tea and looking over the menu. He had been able to escape the hospital for lunch and decided to come into the cafe and maybe get to speak to George Wilson about his grandmother.

"Are you ready to order?" A tall lanky man in his early twenties asked, standing beside the table, holding a pen to a notepad.

Piero looked at him and decided to take a shot at it.

"Are you George Wilson?"

The man furrowed his eyebrows in confusion. "Uh, yeah. Who are you?"


"I'm Piero Accardi from the S.S," He smirked.

The man's face paled. The look of confusion was replaced by fear and panic. "The secret service?!"

"Yes." Piero's smirk broadened. Okay, so he was here on sort of business but that didn't mean he couldn't have some fun and tease the kid.

"I-I didn't do anything, I swear! I didn't know they were using it for that! They-" He stammered, looking completely flustered. He kept looking around frantically, looking for somewhere to run off to.

Piero frowned. He didn't mean to scare the kid that much.

"I'm not here for that."

The man's shoulders instantly relaxed. "Then what?"

"I'm here to find out what is wrong with you. What kind of man lets his grandmother be in a hospital creating fake illnesses so that she can be cared for, instead of having her close to him?" He asked, crossing his arms in front of him.

The man looked down for a second before recovering his composure. "Everyone lives the way they want to." He said, turning his head away.

"And that poor old woman wants to live with her grandson and be cared for and loved by him but she feels she's a burden to him. She would rather stay in a small, cold hospital room than bother her only family in fear of interrupting his life and being rejected." He snapped. What was wrong with this boy? All that poor lady wanted was to be with him and to feel loved. Didn't she deserve that much?


"Don't try to excuse yourself, just fix it. Or I'll be forced to return and raid this cafe using your earlier babbling as probable cause for illegal activity." Piero finished, placing a five on the table before walking out the door. Hopefully that will get his attention and he'll start acting like a man. Piero thought. He could see the guilty look on the man's face as he walked down the street towards the hospital.


"Okay, so I swallow this playing card," He stuck the card into his mouth. Jeff looked at him in amusement. "And I pull it out of my ear."

"Oh, darling," The door swung open and in walked a well-dressed middle-aged woman. She rushed to Jeff's side and hugged him tightly as best as she could. His mom, Piero guessed.

"I've missed you so much at home sweetheart. It's so lonely without you there." She ran a hand through his long hair. "Your father isn't there anymore. He left us, baby. He doesn't love us, he doesn't even care about us Jeff."

Piero stepped towards the woman and took her gently by the elbow. "Your mom and I are going to have a conversation in the hall, okay Jeff? We'll be right back."

Jeff nodded and Piero led the woman out into the hall, shutting the door behind them.

"Ma'am, why do you do that?" He asked, releasing her elbow.

"Do what?" She asked, looking confused.

"Why do you say things like that to him? He's sick and all you're doing is making him question and hate his father." He glared at her. How could she be so insensitive. The problems that they were having in their marriage were between them, Jeff had no business being in the middle of it. Specially in his condition.

"He has to know his father's a-"

"He doesn't have to know anything. All Jeff has to know is that you love him and that you care about him. With all due respect Ma'am, don't drill your problems and hatred into your son. We don't know how long he might have and you're just making things worse for him."

She huffed and walked away from him towards the elevator. Piero sighed and walked back into Jeff's room.

"Where's my mum?" Jeff asked, expectantly.

He closed the door. "She had to go. She said something about being in a hurry for something." He lied.

Jeff's face fell and a sad expression came over him. "She always leaves." His voice was quiet and soft.

Piero didn't know what to say. He ruffled Jeff's hair lightly and smiled down sadly at him. Jeff definitely didn't deserve the hand he was dealt. It broke Piero's heart to see the sadness and resentment in Jeff's eyes.

"Hey, where's the King of Hearts?" Jeff asked, looking up at him questioning.

"I ate it, your mom walked in here and interrupted my magic moment. I'm sure I'll be seeing it later on tonight, though."

Jeff giggled, grabbing his hand tightly and snuggling into his side.

"Here, we can play basketball," Piero suggested.

"But we don't have a ball."

Piero walked over to a chair where his bag sat and pulled out a small basketball he had bought that morning for the raven-haired boy. He handed it to Jeff and watched his face light up in a smile.

"We can use the trash bin as the hoop." He pulled the bin from the corner of the room, placing it in front of the bed.

Jeff's smile grew.

"You go first." He said, handing Piero the ball.

Piero swung his arm dramatically grunting and landed the ball in the bin with a bounce.

Jeff clapped, laughing at Piero's cheerful dance and celebratory singing.

"Okay, your turn."

Jeff's small hand wrapped around the ball and he swung with his left arm. But when he attempted to swing, his arm wouldn't lift off the bed by much. His arm went limp and as much as he tried to lift it and swing, it wouldn't budge.

"I can't do it." He whispered. His eyes filled with tears and he held onto the ball tightly. This wasn't good at all.

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