Cafe Fam: Argument in the Family

A group of four friends live in the same house together and are so close it's like a dysfunctional, not-blood-related, family.
Three of the friends run a cafe, hence the name Cafe Fam.
This story as a pretty heavy LGBTQ+ theme, so if you don't like that kind of stuff, don't read this story.

This is going to be a series.

For each chapter that is from the POV of a new character, there will be lyrics to a song in between each paragraph, which is that character's theme song. It allows you a look into the character a bit more: their past life, a bit more of their personality, or their views on certain things. Or all three!

In just general chapters, there will be song lyrics in between paragraphs, showing a bit more of like what is going on in that chapter.

Hope that makes sense!
Also, that's why the chapters tend to take so long. I want the perfect song.


1. Penny

A/N: The song is Everyone Is Gay by A Great Big World. I didn't use the whole song.

TRIGGER WARNINGS: None, that I know of.


If you’re gay, then you’re gay. Don’t pretend that you’re straight.


Penny throws open the blinds covering the windows, smiling out at the bright, clear, June morning. She heads over to the counter, walking behind it and grabbing a cloth and a cleaning spray bottle. Wiping down all of the tables, she places fresh flowers into the vases in the middle of each table. Looking around her, she checks to make sure everything is good and ready for the day before walking over to the door and flipping the sign to read ‘Open’. She glances down at her watch. It is exactly 9 am, and she smiles as she heads back behind the counter, ready for the day.


You can be who you are, any day of the week.


    She glances up as the door opens, the bell ringing above it. In walks a person, looking slightly disheveled, but still smirking slightly. Their curly black hair is barely tamed into a braid, some of the stray hairs curling around their smooth, deep golden skin, and a bright yellow beanie rests on their head. They walks up to the counter, shoving their hands into the pockets of their black ripped jeans after adjusting their dark grey t-shirt. They lean against the counter, their elbow up on the surface but somehow keeping their hands in their pockets.

“Penny! Ready for a long day of working with customers with way too complicated of orders and trying to keep Sophie from burning the cupcakes?” They ask, still smirking. Penny rolls her eyes playfully, smiling widely.


You’re unlike the others, so strong and unique. We’re all with you.


    “Peggy, don’t be mean.” She chastises. “But, yes, I am ready. In fact, I’m more than ready. I’m pumped!” She throws a fist into the air. “A whole day of meeting new people and doing what I love? Nothing could beat that!” She grins, and Peggy’s smirk morphs into a small smile.


If you’re straight, well that’s great.


    “Well, that’s good. Because Sophie is right behind me, and she already broke a mug and two plates just this morning.” They laugh, coming around the counter to stand beside me.


You can help procreate, and make gay little babies for the whole human race.


    Penny laughs along, then shoves Peggy away from her lightly. “Go to the backroom and get ready. I have a feeling that today is going to be a good day, so we will need a lot of goods!” She claps her hands together giddly. Peggy raises an eyebrow and heads to the backroom, giving a two fingered salute in response to Penny’s statement.


Make a world we can live in, where the one who you love is not an issue.


    Soon after, a girl with wavy, strawberry blonde hair cut into a pixie cut runs in, nearly falling over her own feet.

    “So sorry I’m late! I ran into a person, and so I had to apologize to them, but then I realized that they had a dog, so of course I just had to pet the dog, but then I tripped over the leash and-”

    “Relax, Sophie, it’s fine.” Penny cuts her off, knowing that she could just go on and on if she lets her. “I get it, I would pet the dog too, as we all know.” She laughs, then waves to the backroom. “Peggy just went back, and you should too. Customers should be arriving soon, and I want everything to be as perfect as possible.”

Sophie nods, still out of breath from running and talking fast, and heads to the backroom.


Cause we’re all somewhere in the middle.


    As she disappears from view, the first customers arrive, and thus the day begins.



We’re all just looking for love to change the world.


    Penny gently pushes a small box of cupcakes across the counter towards a nice looking teen girl and takes the money, handing her back change as she says the usual ‘Thank you, have a nice day’ that, to Peggy, is just an automatic, memorized line, but to Penny is a genuine thank you.


But if the world stops spinning tomorrow, we can’t keep running away from who we are.


    Penny walks to the door and flips the sign back so the ‘Closed’ side is facing the outside. She heads to the backroom and into the kitchen connected to it, looking around. Peggy is leaning against a counter, looking relieved that the day is over, and Sophie is over at the sink, trying to clean out one of the muffin pans that once contained some burnt cupcakes.


If you’re gay, then you’re gay.


    Penny walks over to Sophie and puts a hand on her shoulder, causing her to jump and look quickly over at her. Penny smiles again, her cheeks are really starting to hurt, and gently takes the muffin pan with one hand, pushing Sophie away gently with the other.

    “I’ve got this, you two can head home and relax before our movie night.” She tells her, and she gives Penny a thankful look. Peggy thanks her verbally and both them and Sophie walk out, and Penny hears the bell jingle as they walk out of the store.


If you’re straight, well that’s great!


    Penny turns back to the pan and begins cleaning it out. Once she finishes that, she cleans up the rest of the kitchen and then heads back out to the front room to clean up the counters and tables and sweep the floors.


If you fall in between, that’s the best way to be. You’ve got so many options, every fish in the sea wants to kiss you.


    Once she finishes cleaning up all of that, she restocks the baked goods and makes sure that all of the ingredients for the beverages are refilled. Afterwards, she cleans the bathrooms. By that time, the sun is nearly finished setting. Penny makes her rounds, making sure everything is completely cleaned up and as ready as possible for Monday, then flicks off all of the lights and walks out the door, locking it and heading home for the Friday movie night.


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