Cafe Fam: Argument in the Family

A group of four friends live in the same house together and are so close it's like a dysfunctional, not-blood-related, family.
Three of the friends run a cafe, hence the name Cafe Fam.
This story as a pretty heavy LGBTQ+ theme, so if you don't like that kind of stuff, don't read this story.

This is going to be a series.

For each chapter that is from the POV of a new character, there will be lyrics to a song in between each paragraph, which is that character's theme song. It allows you a look into the character a bit more: their past life, a bit more of their personality, or their views on certain things. Or all three!

In just general chapters, there will be song lyrics in between paragraphs, showing a bit more of like what is going on in that chapter.

Hope that makes sense!
Also, that's why the chapters tend to take so long. I want the perfect song.


2. Peggy


A/N: Song is My R, English translation by rachie. I edited some of the lyrics to better fix the character (e.g. Tall, instead of short. They, at the end, instead of she)

TRIGGER WARNINGS: Mentions of suicide, suicide attempts, breakup, arguing. Let me know if I missed anything.


Just as I was about to take my shoes off on the rooftop, there I see a girl with braided hair here before me


Peggy leans their head back on the couch, looking at Arif who is sitting at the kitchen table, typing away at his computer. “Uuuuggghhhh, come on Arif! We both know that Penny will not be happy if she comes home and sees that you are still working on… whatever it is you’re working on!” They complain, trying to pull the ‘Penny will be disappointed in you and we all know that none of us can stand it when Penny is disappointed in us’ card. Arif finally looks up at them, frowning.


Despite myself, I go and scream: Hey, don’t do it please!


    “You know that I need to get this paper done. I can’t stop just because of a movie night that we do every Friday.” He responds, turning back to his computer. Moment of success over.


Whoa, wait a minute what did I just say?


    Peggy hears the front door open and grins slyly. Penny must be home, which means that Arif will have to get off of the computer. They spring up off of the couch and head towards the front door, meeting Penny in the hallway. She smiles brightly at them, although she does look a little confused, probably since they usually don’t get up to greet her when she comes home.


I couldn’t care less either way


    “Hey, Peggy, what’s up?” She asks, trying to get around them. They let her, and follow her to the kitchen, where she places her purse down on the table and starts rummaging through the fridge to start dinner.


To be honest, I was somewhat pissed


    “Oh, nothing much. I just need you to…” They pause, and Penny looks up at them quizzically. “Get Arif to stop working? For me?” They look at her hopefully as she sighs, standing up straight and closing the fridge door.


This was an opportunity missed


    “This is why I didn’t want him taking the summer course.” She mutters as she heads into the office-type room that is shared by all of us. Peggy can hear her lecturing Arif, but they tune it out and walk over to the fridge that Penny had just walked away from, deciding to cook dinner for her, or at least try to help.


The girl with braided hair told me her woes


Sophie comes into the kitchen and meets their eyes with a questioning expression. They widen their eyes slightly and moves their fingers as if they’re typing on a computer. She nods in understanding and silently begins to help them with dinner. It’s surprising, really, that Sophie can actually cook. Usually she’s super clumsy and is falling over, breaking, and burning things all of the time, but then in some serious moments she will suddenly just… not be clumsy. It honestly confuses Peggy, especially since it’s not all serious moments, just some. Unless she’s just getting better with not being clumsy. That could be it.


“You’ve probably heard it all before


    Peggy reaches up into the cupboard for the recipe book and flips to the egg casserole recipe, then begins to cook as silently as possible, with Sophie taking control over reading the recipe to them every now and then.


I really thought that he might be the one, but then he told me he was done.”




    The dinner table is a lot more silent and awkward than usual. Arif, instead of saying random facts, is silently eating his food and has a completely neutral and unreadable expression. Penny, who usually makes nice, usually silly, conversation, is glaring down at her food and stabbing it like the casserole has wronged her in some way. Sophie, who usually will make some type of pun or dad joke, is quietly eating her food, obviously not wanting to be the one to break the tense silence. Finally, Peggy gets tired of it.


For God’s sake please! Are you serious? I just can’t believe


    They slam down their fork, causing the others to look up at them. “Okay, so either you two,” They point to Arif and Penny, “Solve this right now, or we aren’t going to have another movie night until you do.” Peggy knows that they can both be super stubborn, so it would be a while until the next movie night if they go that route.


That for some stupid reason you got here before me


    Once the silence stretches for more than a minute, they scowl and stand up, pushing their chair back. They stalk away from the table and to the stairs, running up to their room. Once there, they slam the door roughly behind them, plopping down onto the bean bag chair in the corner, crossing their arms angrily.


Are you upset cause you can’t have what you wanted?


    Honestly, they would have thought that Penny, basically being the parent of our group, would be able to own up and apologize. Of course, they guess Arif would probably be the one that is most likely to apologize, but he is about as emotional as a tree trunk, so it’s doubtful that he feels any type of remorse for whatever happened.


You’re lucky that you’ve never gotten robbed of anything!


    They bury their face in their hands. Peggy has been feeling down all week, so they were really looking forward to this movie night, but they refuse to take part in it if two of the people are going to be passive aggressively going at each other.


“I’m feeling better, thank you for listening.”


    They sigh and stand up, pacing in a small circle around the room as they try to figure out what to do now. They can’t go back downstairs, since they just childishly ran up here and slammed their door, so it would be kind of awkward. They hear a small knock at their door and, going over to it, they crack it open slightly, just enough to see the wide hazel eyes and pixie-cut, strawberry blonde hair of Sophie.


The girl with braided hair then disappeared.


    They pull the door open just wide enough to let Sophie slip in, then they close it again. They turn around to see that she has made herself comfortable in their bean bag chair, so they sit on the floor beside it, leaning against their bed.


Alright, today’s the day! Or so I thought


    “Have they made amends yet?” Peggy asks, crossing their arms. Sophie shakes her head, smiling slightly.

    “No, Arif just went back to work and Penny went for a quick walk.” She replies, pulling at the carpet. They sigh, pursing their lips.


Just as I took both of my shoes off


    “Why do they have to be so stubborn?” They complain, throwing their hands up. “All I want is a nice movie night with the three if you, is that too much to ask for?” They pout, crossing their arms as Sophie shakes her head softly.

    “I don’t know, Peggy… I don’t know. Maybe…” She pauses, glancing up at them. “Maybe we could just have a movie night? Just the two of us. It could be up here in your room, and we could watch it on your computer.” She meets their eyes as they look up at her, giving her their full attention.


There was but a girl tall as can be


    “That… is a great idea, Sophie.” They smile slightly. “What movie should we watch?” They lean forward, sitting on their feet and placing their elbows on their knees. Sophie tilts her head, thinking.

“We could watch Tangled, if you want.” She suggests, and Peggy smiles even brighter.

“Yes! I love that movie! Let’s do it.” They stand, holding out a hand to help her up. “I’ll go grab my computer and the movie while you grab the snacks?” She nods, and we walk out the door, separating at the bottom of the stairs.


Despite myself, I go and scream


    Peggy walks to the living room and goes through the movie cabinet. They find the movie and walk quickly into the office to get their computer, leaving as fast as possible and not acknowledging Arif at all, who is seated back at his desk. They head into the kitchen to help Sophie with the snacks.


The petite girl told me her woes


Grabbing the bowl of dip and the bag of chips she had set out, they run upstairs to put it all in their room while she makes popcorn.


“You’ve probably heard it all before:


    Just as Peggy finishes setting up the movie and placing the snacks carefully on the bed, on a book so they won’t spill, Sophie walks in with the popcorn and two glasses of sprite, closing the door behind her with her foot. She walks over and lays on her stomach beside Peggy on the bed. Peggy plays the movie once she gets settled in and sets down the other snacks on more books.


Everyone ignores me, everyone steals. I don’t fit in with anyone here.”



    After the movie, they clean up all of the food and then go back to Peggy’s room with some games.


For God’s sake, please! Are you serious? I just can’t believe that for some stupid reason you got here before me.


    They begin to play The Game of Life, and Peggy is once again silently annoyed about the fact that there is only male and female figures to choose between.


Cause even so, you’re still loved everyone at home. There’s always dinner waiting on the table, you know!


    After that game, which Peggy won, they begin to play battleship, chatting casually as they do.


“I’m hungry.” said the girl as she shed a tear. The girl tall as can be then disappeared.


    “So, do you think that Penny is home yet?” Sophie asks, breaking the causal talk. Peggy glances up at her, frowning slightly.


And like that, there was someone everyday. I listened to their tale. I made them turn away.


    Peggy sighs, shrugging their shoulders slightly. “B9.” They do their turn before continuing. “I’m not sure. I mean, she should be, it’s getting kind of late. It is…” They glance at their phone. “10pm, to be exact.” Sophie nods, looking at her ships.


And yet there was no one who would do this for me, no way I could let out all this pain.


    “Miss. E3.” She replies, and just like that, the topic is dropped, although Peggy can see the concern etched on her face as she quickly checks her phone, which is beside her, for, they assume, any texts from Penny. There are none.


For the very first time, there I see someone with the same pains as me. Having done this time and time again, they wore a yellow cardigan.


    Suddenly, as Peggy says, “Hit”, they hear the front door shut. Sophie and Peggy exchange a quick glance and stand up, heading out the room and down the stairs, only to quickly backtrack as they see the stormy face on Penny’s face. Luckily, she hadn’t seen them, since she was turned away just enough that she couldn’t. They go back to Peggy’s room, exchanging another glance, this time a worried one.


“I just wanna stop the scars that grow ev-e-ry-time that I go home. That’s why I came up here instead.” That’s what the person in the cardigan said.


    “Do you think she’s okay?” Sophie asks, sitting back down in her spot in front of her computer-like board. Peggy bites their lip, thinking.


Whoa, wait a minute what did I just say? I couldn’t care less either way. But in the moment I just screamed something that I could not believe: Hey, don’t do it please!


    “I’m not sure. She didn’t look like it. Though, you would think that a walk that lasted for about four hours would have calmed her down enough.” They pull the ponytail out of their braid, running their fingers through their hair to untangle the braids. “Though, I’m not sure what exactly Arif and her had argued about. It must’ve been pretty extreme though, if she’s still angry.”


Aa what to do? I can’t stop this person, oh this is new. For once I think I’ve bitten off more than I can chew.


    Sophie purses her lips, nodding a little. They both push away the game, deciding that they are done with that for now. “Do you think we should step in?” She asks after a few minutes of silence, meeting Peggy’s eyes. They tilt their head, biting their tongue and thinking.


But even so please just go away so I can’t see. Your pitiful expression is just too much for me!


    “I think, that if this is still going on tomorrow afternoon, that we should definitely intervene.” They decide. “I think that, tomorrow morning, you should figure out exactly what happened, from Arif.” They tell Sophie, and she looks surprised.


“I guess today is just not my day.” They looked away from me and then they disappeared.


    “You were the only one who didn’t do or say anything, and so I think you are the only one that neither will get mad at. If this were any other time, I might tell you to ask Penny, but she seems especially affected by this, so I think you should go to Arif instead. I think that he’ll remain pretty calm and won’t get too angry, like Penny probably would.” Peggy explains before she can say anything. She nods, and then stands up.


There’s no one here today, I guess it’s time


    “Well, I think that I should head to bed now. We’ve got a long day tomorrow.” She stretches as they nod and stand up.

    “Yeah, that’s a good idea. I think I’ll be heading to bed soon as well.”


It’s just me myself and I. There’s no one who can interfere, no one to get in my way here.


    As they quickly hug goodnight and she heads to her room, they stop at their door as they close it as they suddenly notice the butterflies in their stomach. They lean their forehead against their now closed door as they try to locate the source of the butterflies.


Taking off my yellow cardigan, watching my braids all come undone.


Oh, no. Don’t tell Peggy that they’ve got a-


This petite person, tall as can be




Is gonna jump now and be free.


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