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1. The Idea

There is an idea for life on how it should be and how we should live it. That we are respectful young boys and girls, we do as we are told without any questions being asked. In this day and age the human world has become more accepting of one another done to the basis of who we choose to date or who we are. Because we chose equality between everyone then hate... but do we truly see this as a future? We are all the same- we are humans. Yet we fight between one another and cause pain and war for selfish reasons without thought. Thought of who is in between the war but had no say in if they wanted war, thought of how we are damaging our race and the young minds of today’s society, thought of who we are traumatising for the rest of their lives.

You may be starting to wonder what the chapter is even about? Is there a plot or plan to my rant? The truth... is the ideas on life is just a idea, a dream. But it will never become reality, you ask why? Because we can’t live without the need to hurt others.The bullying on social media telling people the standards of how your body should be and look. How you should act because otherwise it will mean you won’t be loved. The harassment that is given for skin colour because we are “different”- but zebras don’t all have the same stripes in the same place and dogs are different colours of fur, so should they hate on each other because they aren’t clones of one another. But I guess you couldn’t tell my colour, because you’d only judge me if you saw me but my words don’t tell you my looks, they tell you my thoughts and my heart.

Peace nowadays, well that’s just your index finger and middle finger shown in a selfie because it’s cute and you will get a thousand likes on a picture that is so fake and the reason, the real reason, you took it is so you can feel wanted and loved in the world- even if it is by strangers.

Is this really a life that we want to lead - where everything is fake, corrupted and wrong.

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