Love Lines

Amoura Valentine Wilson has one, full name. One that she definitely lives up to, as she literally plays Cupid, wherever she goes. Her family moves around a lot. She isn't sure why- it has nothing to do with the kind of business her parents do. They could get jobs anywhere. She hears their hushed, urgent whispers to one another that make no sense to her. Perhaps, it has something to do with the crazy things that happened, when she was too little to understand what was happening.
She sneaks out to parties frequently, despite being a "good girl". She doesn't drink, smoke, or do drugs- but, a lot of the kids at the parties, do. No, she goes, for them, to use the gift she has, her knack for finding people's perfect matches. Then, tragedy strikes. She gets attacked, and her life, turns upside down. She learns a lot about herself, leaving her to question who the writer is that wrote the phony script she's supposedly living. Because, the things that they're telling her are just not possible.


1. Love Lines

He saved her. In return, she saved them all.

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