Yep.its a diary🙄

If your gonna read this...
Don't judge me
Give me your opinion(unless I ask for it)
Tell when when to post
Don't insult me
It's my life not yours.




Random thoughts with laurel 😁

What is the point of a fence if there are ladders to get over it ?

There isn't such thing of a sunset . It's really just the earth in certain angle

What if you lived for when the sun ran out of energy and the world ended

How did the first human kind know when and how to get pregnant ?

If you replace the W in where, when,what , it answers the questions . Where=there,when=then,what=that

Did everyone get more stupid then smart?

I hope there is flying cars in the future

Is Thunder is 2 clouds rubbing just kidding against each other ?

Do Insects and/or animals think like humans ?


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