Yep.its a diary🙄

If your gonna read this...
Don't judge me
Give me your opinion(unless I ask for it)
Tell when when to post
Don't insult me
It's my life not yours.




Okay, nothing really interesting happened today except pure bad luck !

So this is how it went

It was blue sky's clear and sunny . A perfect day to go swimming right? Well you guessed wrong .

We got our bathing suits on sunscreen towels etc. we got in the the car , and we drove to the splash park which is like 10 minutes . The second we get in the car, Mara goes "it's gonna rain I think." I look out the window with the rest of my family and boom. The sky was all of a sudden gray forming lots more gray clouds . With blue peeking out in some places . My mom checks the forecast and it's supposed to pass us . Wrong.

Anywho , we thought we were fine . We got to the splash park , and everyone is leaving. Everyone. Of course I'm annoyed because it was like 104 degrees out today and it was bloody hot and I just wanted a nice swim . So we left and decided that we would go to our neighborhood pool . We were driving back when the whole sky lights up with lightening . Turns out we didn't get to go swimming so it was like waste of energy . "We will go look for school shoes." My dad says . So we ended up Doing that for the next 3 hours because no one could fine a flipping pair of shoes in their size . Well I did . Then we went around looking at houses because I think we planning on moving next summer . We did that for that next 1 hour . Which was fine , except one of the houses was by a house that looked sketchy . The backyard had weeds everywhere and tall , I mean like 3 feet tall grass . All all the windows were boarded up and there was like 5 old cars on the front .

We ended up going to Greek food stuff for dinner , I got this gyro thing that is like Lamb lettuce tomato in a pita thing . I'm gluten intolerant so the pita thing was gonna mess with my stomach. But stupid me didn't care and ate it anyways . I ended up going to the bathroom like 4 times ! And a very angry stomach. If it helps , it was very good .

That's all the happened but it was a long , LONG day .


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