Yep.its a diary🙄

If your gonna read this...
Don't judge me
Give me your opinion(unless I ask for it)
Tell when when to post
Don't insult me
It's my life not yours.



Ok , I know I have already written today , but I was doing volleyball today , it's not competitive , but some people think it is!😤. Any who ok with the story , we were playing , my team had 4 people against 3 people . Ok the other team it was all girls that go to my school , the popular girls . I don't really know them , but what I have been told , they are stuck up snobs so I was prepared to fail . So the girls are all on the vipers team which is the competitive volleyball team for girls in middle school , the volleyball thing we're doing right now is like a fun church league where I live , anyways on with the story.

We were playing and we were failing really bad while the girls kept laughing about it . It was during the second half and it was 4-17 and we were doing HORRIBLE. The girls were doing really good . Too good . They huddled really quickly , and when the game resumed , they all of a sudden were horrible . Missing the ball ok purpose . Serving terrible . I think I was the only one that noticed , but it got me mad because it looked like the only way we could earn points was for the other team to mess up in purpose and give us points . I didn't do anything , but I just wanted to tell you that . Oh and there's a 11yr old on my team who's a snob too , he thinks he's perfect. I wanted to slap him right across the face . But I can't do that .

So yea , that was my night . Nothing I did buy thought I should tell ya that , none of y'all are probably interested in this stuff , or some of y'all are probably not even reading this so I'm just gonna stop unless I see the reading thing go up . So yea

BA-BYE (for good I think 😂)

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