Yep.its a diary🙄

If your gonna read this...
Don't judge me
Give me your opinion(unless I ask for it)
Tell when when to post
Don't insult me
It's my life not yours.



About me

My name is laurel

I live in fucking hot Florida

Not telling y'all my age because some of y'all might be creepy ass people , and I don't want you crusty dusty hands getting on my info

I have 2 cats jingle and belle. It's really fat

A hamster named pickles

A turtle that ate my fish then died😥R.I.P Juno , with Sammy in its tummy. We buried them in the backyard

My family isn't rich so don't be asking me for money 💰

I am 1/4 girls in my family not including my mom

I have moved 5 times across the country

I hate Florida

Love Iowa

That's all I'm gonna say, trust my this writing thing is gonna get interesting when school starts


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