Yep.its a diary🙄

If your gonna read this...
Don't judge me
Give me your opinion(unless I ask for it)
Tell when when to post
Don't insult me
It's my life not yours.




Entry 1

I literally just realized that school is 17 days away😩I hate school like most kids. Don't ask why I just do. And the problem is, I'm already trying to survive life, now life gonna put school in here again and ruin it even more?!

It's the work I hate about school and now actually getting to dock thing. I wish middle schoolers still had recess, it would make things a lot more fun. But they don't. At my school at least. It's like they give me all this information within a 9 month period, yet they think I'm actually gonna use this?!?!😑

And!i hate all the kids at my school. Except my friends of course, but still !!

I'm gonna end it here because y'all probably don't want to listen to my rant on about school because , well it's school everyone hates the word. So I'm gonna leave now.

Oh and! *winks as she puts a thumb up with a fake cheesy smile and says* like comment favorite do what y'all gotta do to make this a HIT! just kidding , do whatever y'all want to do I don't care .


Entry 2

So I have a hamster named pickles(explained later) so my 6yr old little sister Mara took him out of the cage thing earlier and put him in the couch . Let me remind you Mara is 6 and has no concept of 'careful'

Any who I was on the couch watching TV and Mara comes over with the hamster in her hands cupping it . "Mara be carful." I say looking at her giving her the serious face . She sets pickles on the couch (on the very edge to be exact.) this is also a dwarf hamster so there like the size of a eraser . "Don't loose him in the couch again." I say moving over to keep and eye on pickles . (Explained later) then out of no where I see her hand move her hand over and scoop pickles up. She ends up missing the whole body and I see pickles flip in the air and land on the couch terrified. Pickles is fine now , but if you even drop a dwarf hamster on the ground , you can kill it . So yea , funny story of a hamster doing flips in the air .

Ok as I said I would explain later , I got the hamster for Mara for her birthday. We wanted to name the hamster a cute name like taco or PICKLES. Just something cute , so we ended up making him pickles because well we can and it was cute .

Ok other thing I said I would explain. I have a 14 yr old sister lydia , she had the hamster on the couch (again.) it was in her lap on the blanket , she wasn't paying attention and the hamster end up crawling in a fold in the blanket . Lydia looked back and didn't see pickles any where . She stands up throwing the blanket over the couch . (Still not realizing that pickles is in there.) "I lost him!" Lydia laughs screams . I bolt up because I'm the reason the hamster in this house . See her looking in the cracks of the couch when I see pickles scurrying out of the blanket . I point and say "there!" I walk over but before I can lydia flips the blanket over with pickles inside and he's thrown everywhere (good thing he was somewhere cushioned) anyways I yell at her to stop and I scoop up pickles and put him back in his cage . That's the story of lydia loosing his and almost killing him. Funny how all the problems with pickles happens on the couch 🤦🏻‍♀️. He ended up living btw .

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