Cinderella |Michael Myers Fan Fiction| [Under Editing]

Abigail Lawrence, the only Daughter of the richest man of Haddonfield Illinois as she turned 10, her mother died due to sickness. Abigail changed and her father knows why.

Her father found a woman with two daughters, she didn't know their evil side until someone murdered her father. Making her lose half of her humanity. Her stepmother and sister forced her to be the housemaid and she wondered why her life would turn out to be like the story her mother used to read before she went to sleep.

One Day she met the young Michael Myers... What would happen if he's the prince charming who'll save her from evil stepmother and sisters? Can he really save her?


5. Chapter 5: School And Nightmares.

Third Person's Point Of View

Abigail noticed that it was getting late "Ops... It seems like I have to go now Michael" The girl frowned as she looked up at the sunset "Do you go to school?" Michael asked and Abigail shooked her head "I don't... Only my stepsisters had to go to school" she frowned and Michael Tilted his head aside "Stepsisters?" "Rose and Lily Stanford" She huffed "I'm glad that you are not related to those bitches..." Michael said Abigail's eyes widen as she stared at his friend who used a strong word "Michael... You're too young to say that kind of stuff" she glanced at her friends with worry "But Its true! They are bitches and Wesley Is an asshole..." He growled "Michael..." She said the young boy sighed "Fine... But why is the Stanford are staying at your house?" Michael asked "Well, after my 9th birthday, My mom died... I was upset... So, My father decided to find another woman to marry her... and now, the Stanford's lived in the Lawrence Residence ever since... But one day my father was murdered by an unknown person and now I'm alone" Abigail explained, Michael's eyes soften, Why would she tell him personal information...She just met him "Please don't tell me that you already trusted me," he said, the girl looked at her new friend "Trust you? Of course! You're nice" she smiled, rocking her heels, Abigail looked back to the place where she lived "I have to go before my stepmother and stepsisters arrive" she sighed, Michael was saddened too "Okay..." 

Abigail hugged her friend "Don't be sad, I'm gonna persuade My stepmom to let me go to school and maybe we can play here again tomorrow!" she smiled and hugged him, he hugged him back before he smirked "Okay... Bye Abby!" "Byeee~!" I waved at him while he ran out of the forest shouting when the fawn starts to chase him teasingly: Giggling when the fawn came back and followed me to the Mansion. 


When the Stanford arrived, Dinner was ready and everything is clean. As the family was having dinner, Abigail decided to ask her stepmother about school "Mother, I am quite interested in school, I am wondering if I can go." Abigail said, her mother and sisters stopped eating "School?" her mother asks before letting out a chuckle "You can go to school... If you can get good marks, If you fail me, I won't hesitate to give the attic as your room and dropped you off to school." her mother said, Lily and Rose secretly glared at their young stepsister before they continue eating their tasty meal when Abigail finished, she grabbed their empty plates before bringing it to the sink. "Why did you agree on mother?" Rose asked "Don't worry dear daughter, I simply have plans" her mother smirked before she looked at the clueless young girl. 

Abigail wiped her wet hands on her a piece of rag, as she starts thinking about Michael, his soft blonde locks, those mesmerizing blue eyes and his laugh, made her heart melt, Abigail stopped thinking about the young boy when she felt her heart beats faster, she tilted her aside as she listened to the soft "Thud"

She raised her left hand to touch her chest and watched her hand rise and fall "Am I dying?" she asked herself and she starts to panic, she felt  like she was drowning, she grabbed her inhaler before she opened her mouth and puffing twice to let the inhaler to the job of calming her Asthma down, She sighed in relief when she started to calm down but thinking about the blonde takes her breathe away 


Abigail laid on her bed, hugging her bunny "Goodnight Michael... Take Care" she smiled as she slowly closed her eyes, drifting off into dreamland. 

Michael growled at his stepfather "Where you finding your way to a boy?" he asked before his stepdad lets out a laugh, Michael stayed quiet as he eats his meal, Ignoring his father joke about stupid and serious stuff, It's annoying "Seriously, Dip shit.. Where were you?" her older sister asked "None of your business." he muttered "I'm gonna tell mom" she glared, Michael Finish his dinner before she ran back upstairs, ignoring his stepfather and sister.

Shutting the door close and he jumped into his bed, he stared at the ceiling, Grabbing his Polaroid camera, she skipped any photos with his family, His eyes lit up when he saw the photo he was looking for, He smiled at the photo he had taken with Abigail. He was grinning while Abigail's eyes were wide as she tried to stop him from taking any photo's. 


"Hey, Abby! Smileee!!" he cooed as he wrapped his arms around the tall girl, Abigail's eyes widen "No! Stop!" she tried to protest but Michael already clicked the button, he slowly removed his hands around her neck before she watched their photo, Abigail's face was hilarious so he laughed, the girl's eyes widen when she saw the photo "Delete that!!" she whined but Michael Ran away from the girl "that's unfair!" Abigail dropped her basket and start chasing him with a small stick. 

-End Of Flashback- 

H sighed dreamily before she hugged the camera with a half-lidded gaze "Goodnight Abigail..." he muttered as he remembered the young girl he met who became his first best friend... He yawned one last time before he finally fell asleep.


Michael woke up in the middle of the forest, he smiled but his smile flattered when he saw a bloody corpse, he ran into it and he saw the familiar red hair girl, her eyes were closed, her tan skin was now pale, when he looked down on her stomach he could tell that someone stabbed her "Abby?" he whimpered and he knelt down, he swept her red hair aside but he stopped when he was it was bloody, he looked down on his two hands only to find a big kitchen knife and a bloody hand "No..." he whispered to himself "I killed her.. No... Abby wake up! I'm sorry! Please!!" he hugged her body and sobbed violently "Abigail!!" he cried...


Michael jolted awake, he was sweating, shivering, he sighed in relief that it was just a nightmare, he rubbed his eyes and sniffed "Abby..." he whimpered and hugged a plushie "Don't leave me..." he muttered as he stayed awake, hoping that his best friend is still sleeping...Hoping that he didn't kill her... And hoping that... No one will have her... He won't lose her... And he did... Th person's blood will cover him... She is her best friend... And no one will have her. 


Another chapter has done!!! Thank Youuuu




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