Cinderella |Michael Myers Fan Fiction| [Under Editing]

Abigail Lawrence, the only Daughter of the richest man of Haddonfield Illinois as she turned 10, her mother died due to sickness. Abigail changed and her father knows why.

Her father found a woman with two daughters, she didn't know their evil side until someone murdered her father. Making her lose half of her humanity. Her stepmother and sister forced her to be the housemaid and she wondered why her life would turn out to be like the story her mother used to read before she went to sleep.

One Day she met the young Michael Myers... What would happen if he's the prince charming who'll save her from evil stepmother and sisters? Can he really save her?


4. Chapter 4: Cinderella's Prince?

Third Person's Point Of View 

Abigail stared at the woman in front of her while the woman looked at her with a pair of lifeless eyes "Mommah?" she asked as she hugged the women, the women flinched and pulled away "Don't touch me.." 

Abigail stared wide eye at her mother "because of you, I died... Because of you, your father found another woman and married her.." "Mommah... Please stop..." she whimpered, her mother grabbed her wrist as she pulled Abigail's tiny body, Abigail's eyes widened as she stared into her black soulless eyes.."Mommah...!!!" she screamed when her mother opened her mouth to reveal multiple black and bloody hands, reaching out for her face... 

Abigail's eyes shot open at the nightmare she just had.."Oh dear..." she gasped when she saw the time, It was already 10:41 am, changing into her normal outfit, grabbing her bow to tie her hair in a loose plait. 

When she arrived at the kitchen, she saw was a note 

"Abigail, Your sister and I went to visit the Hiroshi's And Visit your parents as well, you've worked well and I left some breakfast, make sure to pick some fruits and vegetables.

                                                                                        ~ Samantha." 


Abigail smiled, her stepmother was a bit kinder today, she looked at the table to see an egg, bacon, and beans on a plate with a glass of apple juice, she sat on the table and slowly eat her breakfast, thinking about her nightmare while she ate, she can't seem stop thinking about those black, soulless orbs that replaced her mothers beautiful eyes; She sighed one more time as she took a spoonful of food.


Abigail swept the floor clean before she mopped it, she decided to impress her stepmother and sister before they arrive, Grabbing her basket to pick some fruits for smoothies and something healthy to nibble. Skipping to the forest; When she arrived she saw a wounded fawn, tilting her head aside as it snapped its head towards her, the deer stared at her carefully, watching her movements, Abigail walked towards it "It's okay.." she smiled but the deer started to panic when she sat next to it, the deer whined but she softly pat the deer's head "It's okay.. I'm here to help you." she whispered and the deer seem to understand her so it calmed down before the deer licked Abigail's tiny hands, Giggling at the rough texture before she grabs her handkerchief before tying it to the deer wounded arm, the deer panicked again but Abigail gave it to some berries to calmed it down; Abigail smiled when the deer carefully placed its head on her lap, closing its eyes back while the fawn seemed to enjoy the young girls company. 


Michael Myers was frustrated, he was fuming with anger, he was not only mad at his sister who screwing her boyfriend but he was also mad because of Wesley Rhoades, he got into another fight with him and his goons and now he has detention, the young boy clutched into her backpack tightly as he kicked a pebble, groaning at the pain when his toe hit the hard surface. As he walked deeper into the forest he could hear a distant conversation, he slowly walked towards the direction where the noise came from, as he peeked through a branch, he could see a girl, her long red hair got swept by the chilly wind, Michael was amazed, out of curiosity, he decided to sweep the branch to the side and he walked carefully and cautiously towards the girl who lay on the ground. He stopped as he stared at the girls face, soft pink lips, long lashes, and red cheeks. Michael felt his cheeks heat up as he slowly leaned his head but he stopped when he heard a small whined, looking at the girl's lap was a fawn who's looking at him with fear on its eyes, when he looked down, he saw purple orbs staring back into his blue ones. The girl's cheeks turned red when Michael gave her a smirk, letting out a shrieked before she tried to sit up but her head bumped into his, making them stumble back and groan in pain

"Ow.." The girl muttered as she softly rubbed her forehead, Michael and Abigail opened their eyes and they stared at each other with silence... Abigail looked away to hide her red cheeks Before she started to fiddle with her fingers. Michael tilted his head aside when the fawn gently nudges the girl's hand, the girl looked back at him "Um... Hello?" she squeaked softly "Hi..." Michael responded "Ah... H-How...Um...Eh. Where..?" the girl stuttered making him furrow his eyebrow in confusion and frustration. Then he noticed that she starting to breathe heavily and her cheeks turned redder than before "I-Inhaler!" she gasped for hair as Michael's eyes widen as the girl pointed on her basket, Michael grabbed her inhaler in panic and he gave it to her.

The girl calmed down but she was still breathing heavily which is making him worry "Are you okay now?" he asked as he sat next to her and the fawn, the girl nodded "I am.. Thank you Umm?" she looked at him like he was trying to tell him to introduce himself  "Michael Myers..." he stated "Abigail... Abigail Lawrence" she smiled as shook his hands, Michael's eyes widen as he looked at the girl on her eyes, no one wanted to touch his hands because of his aggressive side towards animals, Abigail noticed the gloomy look on Michael's face as he stared at their hands, Abigail frowned and pulled her hands back as Michael looked at her "Sorry" she said but Michael took her hand to shook it, making the girls cheeks turn red "No, I'm sorry.. It's just that no one really wanted to touch my hands before" he smiled at the girl, the girl smiled back.

"what brings you here?" she asked as she pushed the basket towards him, hoping that he likes fruit, her eyes lit up when he grabbed a few strawberries. Michael denied speaking about what happened, he only met her, it's not like he doesn't like her, he liked her its just he only met her and maybe she might be one of Wesley friends.  Silence filled the air as he refused to share personal information, Abigail tilted her head aside when she saw the gloomy face and aura of the boy beside her. "Michael?" she asked, the boy blinked twice before she looked at the girl "Can we be best friends?" she asked, the boy's eyes widen again but he glared at her "Why? I mean like, no one likes me!" he softly yelled making Abigail flinch "I am your first friend then!" Abigail smiled as Michael's eyes soften as he pulled her into a friendly hug, Abigail hugged him back before she pats his back 


The two young kids were on the ground, laughing as Abigail tried to make a joke "Your joke is soo lameeee~" Micahel laugh as the girl pouted, and reach for her empty basket, Abigail's eyes widen when she notices Michael was waving a piece of apple and strawberry "Mikey!!" She whined, the boy laugh but he stopped when he heard his new nickname "Mikey?" he tilted his head aside and Abigail's cheeks turned slightly red when her new friend was trying to act cute which is working "yes! Mikey!" She laughed "Don't call me that..."Michael groaned as he returned the apple and the strawberry "Mikeyyy~ " she teased, Michael playfully glared at her before she chased her "Ekkk!" Abigail squeaked and run away before her new friend will kill her, Abigail stopped when she saw a blueberry bush, Looking around hoping not to see her best friend. lifting her skirt up before she starts to pick up the small fruits, she was about to pick the last one when Michael grabbed his best friend, whispering a small "Boo..." to his friend's ear. Abigail tensed up, a horrified look was on the young girls face, her friend laughed in amusement as she kept on staring at the bush before she looked at her friend "Mikey~ What was that for?" she asked "To scare you" Michael said proudly, Abigail smiled at the cute kid in front of her. 


"My Friend.~"  


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