Cinderella |Michael Myers Fan Fiction| [Under Editing]

Abigail Lawrence, the only Daughter of the richest man of Haddonfield Illinois as she turned 10, her mother died due to sickness. Abigail changed and her father knows why.

Her father found a woman with two daughters, she didn't know their evil side until someone murdered her father. Making her lose half of her humanity. Her stepmother and sister forced her to be the housemaid and she wondered why her life would turn out to be like the story her mother used to read before she went to sleep.

One Day she met the young Michael Myers... What would happen if he's the prince charming who'll save her from evil stepmother and sisters? Can he really save her?


3. Chapter 3: The Phantomhive's

Third Person's Point Of View 

Abigail woke up by the same dream, the dreams of how she found her Prince charming, she grabbed her mother's book and stared at the front cover, her eyes sparkled as she remembered how her real parents used to read it to her every night, her mother told her that grandma gave it to her when she was young and now she passed it to her, hugging the book close and closing her eyes... Memories came flashing back, her mother's smile, her father's laugh, and the picnics they never missed; She set the book on it's hiding place before changing into her cleaning clothes[Picture below]

grabbing her black ribbon and tied her hair into a bun before she raced downstairs so she can get her stepmother hand sister's breakfast ready. She grabbed a few eggs and fry it on the pan, adds some pepper and salt to help make it taste better when the kettle boiled, she rushed to make some tea; Wiping her brows as she tried to focus on cutting fresh apples. The food was soon prepared and now she just needs to wake her family up.


Abigail softly knocks on the huge door, earning a growl from Lily "Lily, Rose. Breakfast is ready." she said, soon two girls came out, with their outfit and make up ready[Disgusting] (Picture below!!)


their sleepy eyes locked with her lifeless ones. She quickly observed her stepsisters as they gave her a smirk "Good morning sister" Rose said before she giggled "I'm gonna go now," she said before turning around, It's been a month since she punched Lily and until now, she can't look into Lily's Or Rose face without showing any emotions of regret, as she walked she can feel their eyes, she just sigh softly, I know she is too young to do all of this households chores but her stepmother said that she had to pay for what she did to Lily, She rolled her eyes at the name. Even though she regretted it, she still hates her stepmother and sisters. Her emotion confuses her sometimes; She took a deep breath before knocking softly on the door. "Mother?" she asks, "Breakfast is ready, Lily and Rose are currently waiting for you," she said when the door slammed open making her flinch, she looked up. Only to see her stepmother in her normal outfit (picture below)

Samantha stared at her stepdaughter with hatred "We're going somewhere, I want you to clean the house because we'll be having visitors, you understand that? And also, don't forget about those berries." She calmly said before she walked away, but before she can walk away, Abigail gripped into her clothes. "If I finished those tasks, can I come?" I ask and she stared down at me before she chuckled, poking my forehead with her index finger. "No." she stated as she pries Abigail hands off her dress before walking away, she glared at the women back as she walked to the kitchen. Clicking her tongue before she started to mop the floor. 



Abigail watched her mother and sister drove away, she huffed before she continued on cleaning the house. 

In meantime, she can't seem to focus on what she's doing; She leaned into the wooden broom as she starts to think about her prince charming, his blonde hair, flowed through the wind as the air moved it sideways, she sighed dreamily and she returned back to earth when she heard a snapped, letting out a squeal as her tiny body fell to the floor with a loud thud "Ow.." she rubbed her head and sigh "Okay Abby, how about you focus on cleaning before the devils came back, what do you think?" she asks herself and laugh, grabbing the broken broom before throwing it away. 

Abigail looked around proudly, for an 11 years old girl, she can clean the house. "Now... I need to pick some berries." she smiled, grabbing a wood knitted basket, she closed the huge door as she left their house, Humming as she walked to the forest, she doesn't understand her stepmother. She ordered her to pant some berries into the garden but she wanted the wild ones. Her eyebrows furrowed at the thoughts. Even though she is her stepmother, she hated her... For what she has done to her, she thought she was nice but when her father died, showed their evil side,  it's her fault for punching Lily, it's Lily's fault too, if she wasn't being a brat, this wouldn't happen. Sighing softly as she picked some gooseberry, avoiding those sharp thorns in every small branch; She looked down on her basket before she saw a shorty apple tree on the distance, she put her basket on the ground before she climbed up to reach the shiny red fruit, smiling as she finally caught it, jumping down to put it on her basket.


When she reached the house, she saw another car parked on beside's her stepmother, raising her eyebrows in curiosity before she ran inside the mansion, she opened the doors to see her stepmother and sisters with a Platinum blonde hair and a man with hazelnut hair having a cup of tea. She bowed respectfully "Greetings." she smiled, the women stood up "You must be Abigail. I'm Elizabeth Phantomhive and this is my husband William Phantomhive, It's nice to meet you." the women smiled, hugging her small body, the man saluted at her. "greetings young lady, I am quite impressed of your manners, Savannah and Samantha thought you well" the man smiled, "It is a pleasure meeting you Mrs. And Mr. Phantomhive but I am afraid, I must go to set this fruits." I said. "Oh, No. Please join us." she said "Mother, is that okay?" she asked her stepmother, Samantha faked a smile "Oh sure!" she said, Abigail smiled slightly as Elizabeth let her sit beside her and her husband. The phantomhive's were overjoyed that they finally met their friend's loving daughter and indeed Kazumi was right, The Lawrence's 18th generation was gorgeous. Elizabeth and William kept her attention towards Abigail as the young girl enjoyed their company. "So, Abigail, where were you?" William ask "Well, Mother seems to like wild fruits so I decided to find some." she replied; she saw her mother's eyes twitch in annoyance and her sister's hateful glare. 

When the Phantomhive's were leaving, Elizabeth gave her a dress to resemble that The Phantomhive's Trusted her, Abigail's eyes sparkled as she stared at the dress, it was a pretty dress, she hugged it before she hugged the couple.

The couple chuckled and pat Abigail's back. "Thank you," she muttered; Samantha held her daughter as her daughter stared at Abigail's dress. "We'll be going now Dear Samantha, Goodbye and take care" The Phantomhive's slowly closed the door, suddenly Lily huffed and was about to grab her dress but Abigail stopped her. "Mind your own things." she snarled making Lily stumble back "It's ours now!" Rose snapped "She gave it to me and Mrs. Phantomhive will be mad at you if she saw you wearing it!" Abigail smirked as the girl's eyes widen "That's enough! Young lady, if you arrive before we arrived, this wouldn't happen!" Her stepmother said. Abigail shrugged before she went into her room, locking her doors. 


Changing her clothes and untying her bun, it has been a tiring day for her and now she's ready for tomorrow's nightmare. Abigail stared at the ceiling as she remembered her prince's charming appearance, sighing dreamily as she hugged her stuffed bunny closer, her eyes slowly closed. And the young Lawrence drifted off to dreamland. 

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