Cinderella |Michael Myers Fan Fiction| [Under Editing]

Abigail Lawrence, the only Daughter of the richest man of Haddonfield Illinois as she turned 10, her mother died due to sickness. Abigail changed and her father knows why.

Her father found a woman with two daughters, she didn't know their evil side until someone murdered her father. Making her lose half of her humanity. Her stepmother and sister forced her to be the housemaid and she wondered why her life would turn out to be like the story her mother used to read before she went to sleep.

One Day she met the young Michael Myers... What would happen if he's the prince charming who'll save her from evil stepmother and sisters? Can he really save her?


2. Chapter 2: The Story Of Cinderella [Part 2]

Third Person's Point Of View

Years came and the young Lawrence turned 9, as she grew she can't stop thinking about being Cinderella, she was obsessed with being a princess, she waited and waited for her prince charming to come but when her birthday came, her whole world came crashing down when her mother died because of tuberculosis. 

Abigail was holding her mother's limp hands close to her as tears poured like a river into her cheeks.

"Mommah..."She whimpered as she stared into her mother's pale face, hoping to open her eyes and tell her that she's alright but no, she stayed the same, no signs of movements, the young girl sobbed violently as she hugged her mother, she felt someone tap her shoulders, she looked back to see her father who's smiling sadly at her, she Immiadetly let go of her mother's waist to hug her father's "Sush..Sweetie, It's alright, Mommah is in a better place, okay...Now don't be sad, I'm sure she doesn't want to see her angel cry" her father wipe the tears from her eyes, the young girl nodded as she tried to smile at his father. 

Weeks past and Abigail can't forget how her mother died; Her father started to get worried as he noticed his daughter sudden change of behavior. "Sweetie?" he asks as he approaches her daughter who's in a black and white lolita dress(Image below)


She looked at her father with unemotional eyes. "Greetings father," she said in a monotone voice; she hugged her stuffed pink bunny closer. The Man's eyes widen at the sudden change of voice and attitude. He knows how his daughter act. "Are you alright, Father? You looked troubled?" The young girl asks, tilting her head aside. "I'm fine, thank you daughter" he smiled, his daughter nodded before turning back around to watch outside the window. He wants his daughter starting to act like normal gain and he knows how. 


Weeks past and Abigail stopped eating, she just spends her time, staring in the forest. One day, Alexander Lawrence returned back home with a woman with raven hair, the women known to be as Madame Samantha Stanford and a two older girl's with brown hair; Lily and Rose Stanford. Yes, They're twins and they're Samantha's daughter. When they met Abigail, they immediately got jealous because of her beauty. Soon, when Abigail found out that her father is gonna marry Samantha, she was overjoyed and her father was happy that her daughter is back to normal. But... She didn't know Samantha's evil plan.

Week Pasts, Abigail was notified that her father was murdered in his sleep. She thought she's gonna have a normal life again but she was wrong...She felt hopeless...Empty and distress... At her father's funeral, she couldn't stop herself to hug the coffin. Many people tried to pry her off his coffin but it was no use so they decided to wait until the young Lawrence let go of her father...  It took hours for her to cry as the people around her felt pity[Except for the Standfords] Alexander Lawrence and Savannah Clarke Lawrence is the only family is related to Abigail except for her aunt in Britain, she didn't know her aunt's name, in fact. She never visited them, even at her parents funeral, the girl slowly unwrapped her arm around the coffin "I'm gonna kill the person who killed You... I'm gonna kill them like how predators eat their prey" she muttered and gave one soft kiss on the coffin... The young girl watched as they lowered the coffin, her eyes were showing no emotions.


After the funeral, it was raining; The girl slightly flinched when he heard thunder lightning, she slowly shook it off, she was about to go to her room when her two step sister stopped her. "Excuse me." she softly said as her sisters looked at each other before smirking. "I'm sorry but what?" Lily asks "I said...Excuse me." she said calmly. Rose rolled her eyes before she pushed Abigail. The poor girl stumbled back before she landed on something wet, letting out a small squeal before she stood up and look back to see a wet floor. "Who did this?" She Asks. "Obviously you" Lily laughed before Rose laughed after her, Abigail clenched her fist before she took few deep breaths. She ignored their laughing and walked past her sisters but Rose grabbed her crimson hair making the girl scream in pain. Soon, her stepmom came in. "What's going on in here?" she asks "Well, the perfect Abigail Lawrence fell on a bucket and she blamed it on us!" Lily lied. Abigail can't take it anymore, "Lair!" she snarled at her before she punched Lily on the cheeks with force, Lily stumbled back as Samantha and her daughter, Rose stared wide-eyed at her, Lily saw blood and she screamed. "That's it, young lady!" Samantha grabbed Abigail before she stared into her lifeless purple orbs. "I own this house now! You are nothing but a trash! I am the wife! Do you understand that Abigail??!" Abigail just stared at her before she pulled her arms away from her grip and walks out of the living room, Samantha looked at her crying daughter before she looked at Abigail with pure hatred and jealousy. And That's how the life of Cinderella started. 

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