Sharp Points

an anti trump poem


1. sharp points


what did martin luther fight for?

what did malcolm x die for?

why did mandela sit in jail? 

am i losing my thought process now as i stand in the middle of times square

but i know that this country is not fair

stars and stripes are more like scars and hives

if i lived there, i'd develop an allergy to the street

when i walked past the cops, i'd hope they'd leave me 

to eat my candy and not remind me of my mortality

if i was an immigrant then i'd want to stay with my parents

not be separated and kept in a cage as if someone needs me to repent

did i commit a crime that i forgot about?

how many friends of mine will die and how many coffins will i count?

i walk to the countryside and wallow in myths and religions

they've never seen someone like me and they look at me with derision

where's the president's look of kindness?

why not behave like a messenger of love and not hate?

did they strip the power balance down in south africa

for no reason or was that just a piece of a lie

but my words aren't flattering and i feel like i'm faltering

i'm weeping the way blood runs down the roads of distant countries

leaving families broken and bloody, children dying and mothers wishing 

things were lovely

i know i'm mortal so when you tell me to get on my knees 

and shoot me, i will die slowly leaving my golden legacy

like the curse of midas who didn't know what to do with his gift

and now world, i wish to tell you that we have a deep rift

you're different and so am i

you tell me everything's okay but those are just lies

see me as who i am, a noble soul trying to live cleanly

but it's hard when the world digs me with sharp points

and twists my wounds so my dark blood oozes 

it's my fate that i knew i was choosing.

do you believe in me?

do you believe in her? the girl in the mirror

is she the person you are, your lover

the one who lays on praise for you,

do you wish to be immortalised without being dead

you're still lost and you don't even know where you're being led

so when the man stands and tells you he'll make your country great again

ask yourself if you really need greatness or do you just need piety

douse yourself in ink and try to achieve purity

your soul will rise up to the clouds and infinity. 

and now i'm on my knees

ready to go back to my Maker gently as the sharp points 

vanish inside me. 

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