About It Books

discussing about all of my books.. Written by me the author discussing about the books I written..
About it books is a copyrighted title... And all stories about them written inside including the titles..


Author's note

Trullly laughing... Thanks for,,

1. My horror stories about them.

Welcome to this segment of, my books

Horror section..

The Kringe, about a wishful, ️️thinking and the mysetry behind the horror wish book..

The Horrid, a monster inside the, mysterious places least Espected and somewhere a imaginary, real, claws that belong to them, the horrid..

Short stories of horror...

Halloween Appacaolypse,, a complete classic tale of lost horror stories and a monster within many lost halloween books, and terrible mirror that lurks inside the souls of parties...

Toxic lOOt, a meltdown a Pill a doctor with amnseia, a very forgotten, take of rixhes and money gone horrible.. And Wrong..

Stay tuned..

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