About It Books

discussing about all of my books.. Written by me the author discussing about the books I written..
About it books is a copyrighted title... And all stories about them written inside including the titles..


Author's note

Trullly laughing... Thanks for,,

2. My fanatsy stories, and first one..

Daylight dairies,is about, , the minot.. My very own beginner, a masschuseets ghost adventure.. And sudden abrupt shadows and weird occurences beyond the past,, of existences..

Book 1/2 complete working on three...

My very own

How to draw a dragon. Is about fairytale and paper people trying to live in a fanatsy beyond the realms of a realistic one... Perhaps the magic is in her story, in a book..

Dragons and other doors too, where is the chapter this story all about imaginations of all kinds..

My book,,  Mrs and mr penguin..

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