A, Star named Dizzy

A imagintion, of a place called, willows..in space , A story of a book hidden without real wishes, and one of wishes starts to think upon a star called Dizzy.. A sassy, finds the ️true wish left behind


Author's note


1. The star named Dizzy

Such a, dream beyond the missing books, a lamd of ️true imaginations.. The real book that was missing was,,just behind the crescent moon.. This place was not ordinary for it had some kind of Magic..


HI Dizzy, the very adventurous, clever wishes, lead to a place called willow acres set upon a moon and many nice characters.. Of a space of, freindly twin..

This story seemed to be the ️️true and wonderful imagination, howver based on a story..

Dizzy the star lit up the sky yet, her wishes of the book she needed to imagine..

Wake up, wake up it seemed to be just a nights,re of good, and wonderful stars and a star

Dizzy one girl had wishes and wished, on dizzy and suddenly her wishes beame her reality miss, sassy long she was fourteen and, had her belief of a long time of her, adeventerous missing star, names missy, when in fact, she named it dizzy...

Suddenly the tale of miss sassy had began and the town of willows started to find her dream of, a new and epic imagination only willow could see the down earth..

The town its self was lost in space...

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