A, Star named Dizzy

A imagintion, of a place called, willows..in space , A story of a book hidden without real wishes, and one of wishes starts to think upon a star called Dizzy.. A sassy, finds the ️true wish left behind


Author's note


2. Her friend sassy,

Like every fairytale, this one was in the very wishful thinking.. evry take of willows had a great story the little minds and characters,, had a wish so big that it started to see stars..

On star stood out one named dizzy, and sassy could see it from her telescope.. It be pink and auburn somewhat very unusually, vibrant and colorful... It extraordinary ness was its wishes..

Stars were always thought to bring wishes, sassy always knew that Dizzy was her star.. It been, a one far away in the galaxy years and years away...

Sassy began to think of the little town up and beyond space... Trying to reach the little, wonderful things.. The boook I ask..? Dizzy is that you? Suddenly sassy saw this star, yet how could be your light years away replied Sassy"

Then a mystery of a, book upon the wish, sassy your here.. Dizzy go away..

At first sassy seemed to good to be true .. It freitehtened her, sassy then realized some wishes are meant to be!

Dizzy perhaps was one of them..

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