Life After the War


1. Harry Potter's Back

There's a knock on the Burrow's front door. "Ginny! Some one's at the bloody door!" Ron Weasley shouted to the living room where his sister was sitting. "Answer it yourself, you dumbo!" she yelled back. Ron scoffed as he said, "Fine!" in a bored manor. There was another knock on the door as Ron said, "Coming! Bloody h***!" loudly and rather annoyed. He opened the door to a tall, thin Harry Potter. "Oh! Hello, mate! Sorry about the shouting." Ron said, rubbing the back of his neck awkwardly. "It's fine, just, can I come in?" Harry asked quietly. Ron looked concerned. "Course!" he said, quickly stepping aside for Harry to enter. He swayed. "I'm fine." he murmured, finding his balance. "Bloody h***! You're not OK!" Ron said loud enough that Hermione ran into the kitchen. "Harry?" she asked, throwing her arms around him. "Hi, Mione. Nice engagement ring." he commented, holding her hand close to his face to get a better look at her ring which was a ruby with gold. "Thanks. Where have you been?" she asked, changing the subject. Harry smiled as he walked into the living room and sat next to Ginny. "Harry? I've missed you. Where the h*** where you?" Ginny scolded, Harry looked down as two slim tears slid down her face. "Repairing Hogwarts and Hogsmeade, you're welcome, George can open the shop there now." Harry retorted, rolling his eyes. "Oh, shut it, Potter!" Ginny sobbed loudly, running upstairs to her and Hermione's room. "She's  been moody for a bit, especially when you say 'Fred' or 'George'." Hermione said sadly, sitting down next to Harry. He nodded his head, rubbing a hand over his scar, which was prickling in a painful way. "You OK, mate? You didn't do that in a while." Ron asked, putting an arm around Hermione, as though claiming her. "I'm fine, Ron." Harry said hotly. "Harry? You're acting like you were in fifth year." Hermione said, tears forming in her eyes. "Sorry Hermione. I'm just tired, but unable to sleep." he said apologetically. "Oh, Harry!" Hermione sobbed, throwing her arms around Harry once more.

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