The Kringe 3 /The other white Lie!

The reaper found the, door of nightamares and finally thought fox island was just going back to hell, until one person decided to keep it alive,, after Tim disapeered and sam portrayed himself back to his own mind..
A new epic lie found the only wish was inside a paradise...
Somehow,, the lie had brought hell,, whta kind of lie was it?


Author's note

New epic tale of The Kringe..

6. The lie the missing door and the horrors of lies...

What could Be bad about alittle white lie she thought??

Upon seeing her soul and the last two words I suuddenly see a man a face and myself but perhaps more... Weary her eyes.. Began a misspelled msterious shadow the hidious bones and the mellow stanch... The word and the wish forever she thought just as greedy as SAMs past..

Suddenly the reaper then remebred her lies and saw the hell,, she began a new body,, this is eary and deathi flying yet a new peace.. Of her saw the new horror a mixes of the soul that inhabited the missing... Things wa lie she quivered and saw the new monsters face,,, and his very shadows again..

The new midnight began suddenly wondering what that meant?. The lies.. And yeha a new rein of sudden terrors mocked the evil mirrored, horrible new Beaty red eyed and great, realm of evil sounds and colors seem like no other,, im who agin she forgotten...

Moving deep now remembering this place had real secrets then, a sudden udder, of disparity, her clinging shoulder, saw a night and shaodws of many other yet one clinged to a sudden time... It seem to spell 12"" as ️️odd as any thing.. What she then noticed was.. Her faint remeberence of the whole thing... Was one or something came.. And the forgotten of a peace islamd started to become... A skeleton fetish,, and all the remains of the word,, kringe,, his peacefully but some face of an unknown?.

She thought twice of the little white lie before she could ask.. A reaper sudennly gave a ️️true and aunust dark ️secret that stared to come through the very truth she was being haunted..l. Again the shaidw urged Her face,,, and she saw. Her wish, screaming through the maddening.... Dreams again I awake and the then she searched back to find the suden wishes she thought to her self what she then realized was her worst fear kringes the whole thing... I see, a spirit a ghost and a,, mysterious death skeleton. Agin she turned her very faint spells into a reality perhaps, this I could escape.. She thought, the a freind of spirits realized she was on her own...

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