The Kringe 3 /The other white Lie!

The reaper found the, door of nightamares and finally thought fox island was just going back to hell, until one person decided to keep it alive,, after Tim disapeered and sam portrayed himself back to his own mind..
A new epic lie found the only wish was inside a paradise...
Somehow,, the lie had brought hell,, whta kind of lie was it?


Author's note

New epic tale of The Kringe..

11. The kringe ,,secret and alive...

I see myself aluv a. She said.. But was that really realistic.. Where this place was.. And where it seemed to be?. And as horrifying as it was,, and demted and misspelled..

She cringed chattered and saw,, it we'll as her mind wash et to think that??..

Now the reaper toook it over,, your dead... But still in denial,, her wish I see forevr her fantasy overwhelmed that...some kind of soul or monster behind that,, or some imagintions that started to take over??

Then I clearly, she said took over her whereabouts what she saw and searched was beyond her riches... I see the very past so surreal,, that the wish she saw was monster there33 and the wish somehow, came to life?? What questions that??. Perhaps the very horrors is balanced between that and some unknown eviks?? Of the word lies??.

The searching agin she found the little girl she once was, that always wated freinds.. But somehow was burden of the many thinhgs.. Her guys in her,, her friends and the wishes that still besides I see, me but no eviks?? 

Her passion gave way,, to a change and its of a new mirrors, of terrors and ghosts behinds that.. Is we a door she said.. This started to freak her,, as somesort of unwilling mindless game if horrors.. 

Yet behind that she saw eh , the next wish, that always seem to muttr her voices.. I see evil again,, and then oice behind was so scary agin no other things could be more evil or scarier even if they tryed again,, something was beside it's horrible storys...

Where the lies she thought??.,, they seemed past and inoscently gone.. Yet perhaps the little one was yet to be discovered so horrid So disgustingly unreal and treadles and trapped and misused and misspelled yet wondering the next Nightamre behind clock midnight that her lies started too.. Winder her..

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