The Kringe 3 /The other white Lie!

The reaper found the, door of nightamares and finally thought fox island was just going back to hell, until one person decided to keep it alive,, after Tim disapeered and sam portrayed himself back to his own mind..
A new epic lie found the only wish was inside a paradise...
Somehow,, the lie had brought hell,, whta kind of lie was it?


Author's note

New epic tale of The Kringe..

20. Scariest lies..

What could be more scary and eary and suddenly more frei theming is perhaps sleeping on your lies.. For this was known in the dark areas that never where found??.. She then saw him and he saw her...

I want out she said.. He just gazed upon seeing the demented minds he wanted too.

I forgotten me,, you, sam'm,,. Im perhaps a ghost of unknown things.. A girl of forgotten names.. Then the most dreams she suddenly saw the same soul that portrayed her..

I real beacuse im in that body.. And she wa ️️happy for that time realizing she might get back how.. But did any one ever out beat the kringe..? Suddenly like no other it sounded like the reapers new fear of shadows... I swallowed I gasped he 'he said,""..

Then he saw a new bunch of things, suddenly another, dark shadow, cam out its more scarier and, hitious then I thought", and again sam thought twice.", before opening the luckiest door. What lies do you have",, what possible little lies".. She grew white in the face so.. Pale., it was hard to wreckened with... Since the mysterious of things were suddenly becoming a pale red.., in that room,, how a bizarre amount of some bloody.. Sorta inter timed.. Weird stuff seeing.. A new possible demention outside.. Somehow the shadow had fallen to an Angels depth...

What is this they both saw," they both saw them selves as one but, the outside was waiting to just open its mysterious fave of evil,, undoubtly now the only.. Soul that was wanted was.., a skeleton a book a mysterious key that was inside and for som eu known reason a little white lie.. And sam."" Then remebred the hidious promises that befire he.. Thought that a million other people were here.. Looking kringing and somehow.. In the room.. I see the real Kringle"".. Somehow lies before that can haunt you in the worst way...

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