The Kringe 3 /The other white Lie!

The reaper found the, door of nightamares and finally thought fox island was just going back to hell, until one person decided to keep it alive,, after Tim disapeered and sam portrayed himself back to his own mind..
A new epic lie found the only wish was inside a paradise...
Somehow,, the lie had brought hell,, whta kind of lie was it?


Author's note

New epic tale of The Kringe..

9. Part 2"" the Kringe or he'll??

She woke up realizing...theat her words were just missed up confused and..what could confusing or more frightening then mispelled words.. It seemednothing until.. Any haunt or horrid,, things could upset you... Then she saw, the very lies upon the missng clues.. Thinking she'll neevr get back but also sliding this place didn't seem like he'l, but somekind of demention or real island perhaps??

Then she, saw or seemed to forgotten her real wish.. Perhaps one, then she thought.. About the scary monsters or skeletons and doors, and child and fears again what made up her mind... I can't read she said but very well could see, them..

I see, the evil that lurks in the whole thing... She got lied upon in the past.. Who or what was that?? 

Thinking of her name that suddenly got her mmd forgotten on,, besides that another word called cringe confused her... It was very much the sam ething...

Seeing the mysterious evik she was suddenly more confused... How could this be anything real she thouht .. Until she saw her real feelings and somewhat truth,, come out,, this has to be she saw her face her body.. And no other she knew this had to be real..

Yet the doll and the, doors all must be some terrible dreamm..

Then she saw herb alliensshippthe, and the only thing was realizing she could be alive..

What though she thought was so unreal of this wish... I think she forgottten it.. Somehow,, it was urged to haunt her the next night.. Something so sarch and more evil beyond tat...

The words again cringed her soul three monsters three ghosts and, her very own insanity he seemed more insne she thought.. Misspelling these words.. What lie still was outthere she thought upon looking and searching for more.. I must be sure im alive she said..

This was trully a blessing,, besides peace of mind refreshing.. More must live on fox island she thought if this is real then she could see her face.. Howver she then wishes the mind she could see... This is frei tending this is the truest horror story within.. I must discover if this hell or me?. She said.. Or just some nightmare.. Then she chattered she, didn't want to sleep anymore untill this surreal life got back togher again somehow,,

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