The Fallen

Thousands of years ago, a weapon was created by Satan himself to put an end to Heaven and everyone within; including God. After many attempts, Satan realized even he wasn't powerful enough to create such a thing. So he was left with his final attempt, a much less useful weapon; the Jewel. The Jewel was much like a nuclear bomb, except it only destroyed what was not human; Devils, Angels, the Fallen, all spiritual creatures, and all spiritual buildings within a hundred mile radius. Nathaniel Elway, as well as others, are sent by the Angels to retrieve the Jewel and finally put an end to the Fallen.



Cason and Nathaniel walked back to their room in silence, a quietness that was very unusual for their friendship. So many questions swarmed Nathan's mind, keeping him unable to form sentences. Why them? Why were they chosen? They were too young to be a part of the table, to young to become warriors, but old enough to chase after the most dangerous weapon known to all kind? Where was the logic?

     Typically, he had faith in himself. He was comfortable with his abilities and knew he could win a battle if he had to. But against a Vapp? There was no chance. Angels, Demons, and Fallen had all tried and tried again to get the Jewel and so many had died. Michael had been the only one to ever survive by merely crawling out of the caves while it was distracted, holding his bleeding stomach so his organs wouldn't fall out. He had barely survived. Even if outsmarting it was possible, how were a couple of teenagers supposed to do it when they had little to no battle experience? It was suicide.

     But he believed Sienna when she said he wouldn't have a choice in the matter. If he was actually chosen to do this mission, there was nothing he could do to get out of it. So, like she had said, he might as well go willingly. If he was going to die, he might as well try his best to succeed and put up a good fight. Not even a Vapp would be able to take him down easy.

      Opening the door to their bedroom, Nathan followed Cason inside without exchanging any words at all. Both of them froze in their tracks, shocked to see a girl sitting on Nathan's bed. 

     "Uh," Cason started. "Can we help you?"

     The girl's skin was literally as white as a sheet of paper. As she stood, she shyly brushed her long, light gray hair out of her face. Looking incredibly nervous, she glanced up at them with her large, gray eyes. "N-No, I don't need anything. I was told to wait in here for you." Her voice was incredibly high and soft, convincing Nathaniel she was a real life doll. He had seen her before, passing her in the halls of the palace, but had never spoken to her before.

      "Who told you to wait here and why?" he asked carefully. There was no way this girl was a part of this mission, right? She was far too soft.

     "Mr. Jay, sir," she murmured, looking down. Her long lashes, thickly coated in mascara hid her eyes. "Everyone who is going to be a part of the mission is meeting in this room for a few moments before the big meeting. But I don't know what mission he was talking about..."
       Nathaniel shot Cason a look that said, "You have got to be joking."

     "Oh, that's alright," Cason assured her, his voice becoming less dark and more normal. He took a seat next to her on the bed. "What's your name?"

     The girl opened her mouth to speak, but was cut off by the sound of the door opening again. Diego walked inside, followed by a girl he had never seen before, which immediately caused suspicion.

      She was tall for a girl, long legs that were clearly defined and tone through her tight fitted cargo pants. Her white, cropped shirt showed off her tan, toned stomach. Though she was so fit, she had perfect curves that made her body nearly flawless. Immediately, he felt sort of guilty for looking and focused on her face. Her hazel eyes sparkled with mischief, matching the smirk she wore on her lips. He definitely didn't recognize her.

     Everyone knew of everyone in the Heavenly Palace. Sure, you didn't know everyone personally, and you didn't know the names of everybody, but passing the same people through the same place for all the days of your life, you remember faces. There were only fifty Angels living in the Heavenly Palace in total, so if you didn't recognize somebody, they were probably an outsider. 

     "Who's that?" he asked suspiciously, scanning the girl head to toe with a hardness in his eyes.

     Diego motioned towards the girl with a hand. "Everyone, meet Alexandria Rosethorne. Fallen demon."

     Cason stood abruptly, and Nathaniel towards her with anger bubbling in his mind. 

     "Stop," Diego drawled, putting a hand to Nathaniel's chest and standing in front of the girl. "She is with us. Relax."

     "What do you mean 'she's with us'?" snapped Nathan, shoving his hand away. "She is a Fallen, Diego. How many of her people have murdered ours?"

     "She Fell last night, Nathan. She has nothing to do with the Fallen. She is one of our prisoners."

     "Is that supposed to make us feel better?" Cason asked, eyebrows raised. "Demon or Fallen, she is not our friend. What is she doing in here?"

     "Jay says we need a Fallen for the mission," Diego answered. "Jay selected her and interrogated her. We can trust her. She's fine."

     Alexandria smirked. "I don't bite." 

      The door to the room swung open once again, but this time Jay entered. "It's time to go," he announced. "The meeting will start in just a minute, so you all need to hustle over to the meeting room immediately. Please find seats as close to the front as possible." Then he turned and left.

      Storming out of the room, Nathaniel made his way towards the meeting room. This was insane. Absolutely insane. Why would Jay want a Demon on the mission? Was he stupid? And why would he want an innocent, sweet girl going as well? 

      Cason caught up, giving off bad vibes too. He wasn't happy either.

      As soon as they entered the meeting room, Nathan noticed Jay in the front at the podium ready to speak. It was a simple room; no stage, no microphone, no colored walls or carpets, nothing fancy at all. Just a large, circular room with enough chairs to fill seventy people. Behind Jay was a large, blank screen.

      Nathan and Cason moved to the front row and sat down. Wringing his hands, Nathan slouched forward with his elbows on his knees. The sweet, obnoxiously pale girl took a seat next to him, cheeks still rosy with embarrassment. She curled her legs up to her chest and wrapped her arms around herself tightly.

      "Welcome, everyone, and thank you for coming," Jay said loudly as the last few people found their seats. "I know you are all very confused and concerned, but I promise that everything will be explained and all of your questions will be answered. This may feel abrupt, but Michael and I have been talking about doing this for years. And considering how many Angels we have lost, and how many warriors we currently have left... We have never been more desperate." He held his hand out the front row, to the very right of the room. "I'm going to invite Sienna Fleiss to the podium to explain the mission and what our current plans are." He walked to the front row, finding a seat while Sienna came up to the podium.

      "Hello, Angels." She adjusted her lab coat. "Before I begin, I just ask that you all remain quiet and calm as I explain what is going on, and hold your questions until the end. This will sound very... crazy, but I assure you everything will be explained." She cleared her throat. "As you all know, the Fallen have been attacking us continuously over the last two years. Luckily, the last battle we faced didn't last very long, but all of the ones before have caused us serious harm. I don't know if all of you have realized this, but we have lost so many warriors. Sixty of them, to be exact. Over half of the Angels here, now dead. We have four warriors left. Four. We cannot afford to keep losing our warriors like this. We have lost too many loved ones. So, we are formulating a risky plan that, if all goes correctly, will eliminate the entire Fallen base as well as everyone inside.

     "I'm sure you all know about the Jewel, so I won't dwell on the facts of it too much. Our plan is to go after it. Now, I am well aware many of our warriors have died trying to retrieve it, but I believe you can beat anything by outsmarting it. We are currently working on a plan to outsmart the Vapp and get to the Jewel, without having to engage in combat at all. It might take us a few weeks to get a solid plan, but with the help of our genius scientists we will get there.

    "Like I said, we have only four warriors left. We cannot risk to put them through a mission like this, even if we are sure we will succeed. It is far too dangerous. If we lose all of our warriors, the Fallen will destroy us once and for all. So, the table has decided that we will send some of our younger Angels. They will not only retrieve the Jewel for us, but they will also bring it to the Fallen base and use it. If we change their wing color to grey, the Fallen will take them in as their own, and our Angels should be able to destroy the base with ease. The board has also decided that we will not only send a few of our own Angels, but also one of the Fallen from the prisons. This Fallen will help our Angels blend in even more.

    "We have already decided who will be going on this mission. I will introduce you to them briefly, even though I am sure you all have at least seen them before." Pulling a remote out of her pocket, she pressed a button towards the screen behind her. Immediately a photo of Diego came up, as well as many facts about him.



AGE- 18

HEIGHT- 76.9 inches

WEIGHT- 190 lbs



      "Diego is very smart on the battle field; he knows exactly what to do in every situation and is very reliable. He will be the warrior of the team and the battle strategist if needed." She clicked her remote again.



AGE- 18

HEIGHT- 75.6 inches

WEIGHT- 170 lbs



        "Cason is also wise in battle, though he hasn't reached the expert level yet. For those of you who don't know him, he works incredibly well with people. He will be the glue of the team; the one to make sure everyone is doing what they're supposed to, and the one to diffuse any feuds that may start up." A photo of the pale girl showed next. 



AGE- 17

HEIGHT- 60 inches

WEIGHT- 105 lbs



         "Scilla has no battle experience, but as you can probably see from her photo, she has a cute, childish look to her. She will be essentially the 'looks' of the group. As a young looking girl, her sweet-like appearance will hopefully help the group to get into the Fallen base easier."



AGE- 18

HEIGHT- 70.8 inches

WEIGHT- 145 lbs



      "Alexandria is our Fallen. We captured her as soon as she Fell, only a few days ago I believe. She is a combat expert, so she knows what she is doing. Trust me when I say we can trust her. She knows every inch of Earth like the back of her hand. Not only does she know exactly where the Fallen base is, but she knows exactly how to get there from anywhere. She will be our navigator." Next showed a girl he vaguely recognized, but had never met.



AGE- 18

HEIGHT- 69.6 inches

WEIGHT- 140 lbs



       "Zeria is very skillful in battle, but she is also very smart about everything. She will be the brains of the group. She is currently in a meeting with Michael but will join us shortly." 



AGE- 18

HEIGHT- 75.6 inches

WEIGHT- 170 lbs



       "Nathaniel is a born leader. It's easy to tell, and I knew he would be from the moment I met him when he was a kid. He will be the leader of the group. He will make the final decisions on everything during the mission, although he does not have a say in anything that has to do with where they go. Alexandria calls all the shots on direction." After shutting the screen off, she set her remote down on the podium. "Questions?"

     One woman raised her hand. "So let me just try to understand... You're sending a bunch of eighteen year old kids on a mission against a Vapp to retrieve the Jewel, and then use it against the Fallen?" She sounded horrified.

     Sienna nodded. "Precisely. Like I said, we are still formulating the details and the game plan but yes, that is the idea."

     Everyone else was silent, with terror stricken faces.

     "No more questions, then. Well, you are all dismissed. We will hopefully have a plan finished by the next few weeks. Thank you for your time."

     Not knowing what to think, Nathaniel retreated to his bedroom and didn't speak to anyone for the rest of the night. Diego and Cason didn't want to talk either anyway. The three of them each laid in their own beds, silently thinking. Aiden was probably still with the scientists, using that brain of his to help them come up with a solid plan. Nathan was proud that Aiden was finally being recognized for his intelligence. 

     Nathan shook his head, trying to think of something other than the mission. Rolling back the sleeve of his shirt on his left arm, he examined the tattoo on his forearm. Angels looked down upon tattoos, although it wasn't necessarily considered a bad thing or a sin. He was the only Angel he knew of who had one. Everyone else thought it was unpure. 

   The word "חֶמלָה" was written vertically down his forearm in thick characters. In English, it meant compassion. When he was a little kid, when his parents were still alive, his mom would always tell him to "be kind and compassionate". Compassion was her favorite word; she was the sweetest, most caring woman he had ever known. She died way too young. He still missed her, even though the accident happened almost ten whole years ago.

    After rolling his sleeve back down, he draped his arm over his eyes and let sleep consume him.


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