The Fallen

Thousands of years ago, a weapon was created by Satan himself to put an end to Heaven and everyone within; including God. After many attempts, Satan realized even he wasn't powerful enough to create such a thing. So he was left with his final attempt, a much less useful weapon; the Jewel. The Jewel was much like a nuclear bomb, except it only destroyed what was not human; Devils, Angels, the Fallen, all spiritual creatures, and all spiritual buildings within a hundred mile radius. Nathaniel Elway, as well as others, are sent by the Angels to retrieve the Jewel and finally put an end to the Fallen.




    That was all she could see. Dripping down the walls, seeping through the floors… So thick and dark it was as if someone had thrown buckets full of it across the room. Curtains dripped of it, the windows coated in it, the rug in the center of the room stained of it, her muscular legs dripping of it… It was everywhere.

     And no where.

     Because it was there but it wasn't.

     She could see it, touch it, smell it… for God’s sake she could taste it if she wanted. But she knew it was just the Visions. The Visions she had read about as a child; the ones that she was threatened to see if she was too kind or too happy… She knew they were kicking in, boggling with her mind.

     None of it was real.

    Getting to her feet, she winced and nearly cried out. Sharp pains shot up her leg. Realizing she must have broken something, she swore colorfully. She limped towards the bloody door across the small room as she tried to pretend none of the gore was there. But it wasn’t as if she wasn’t used to the sight of blood; she was more than used to it. Once she threw the door open and the chill of the night seeped through her bones, she began to tremble.

     And not just from the cold.

    From the anger, the rage inside her. The burning fury that was eating away at her so badly she could kill someone just to feel a little better.

    She glanced up at the full moon glimmering in the sky, a dark spooky red among the bloody trees, and cursed. A beam of white light shone out of the inside of the house, out of the incredibly deep hole that that she had just been shot out of, shining up through the roof of the ceiling that her body had blasted through, and into the sky for any nearby Angels to see.

   They were going to be coming for her soon.

    It was a miracle they weren’t here already.

    With her left leg dragging, she scurried across the grass and into the forest where the trees could conceal her. She had to move quickly— had to get away from this Hellhole as fast as possible, before it was too late.

    Because if they found her… No. She wouldn't think about it. She would rather kill herself than let them capture her and take her back to their base to use her like a toy. She would rather gut herself here and now than let them make her into one of them. She would never be one of them.

    Gritting her teeth, she dragged her leg along, begging her tired, Fallen body to move faster. She couldn't let them find her. Couldn't let them find her… She weaved her way around trees, over fallen logs and broken branches, trying to get away. Her breath became ragged as she heard the sound of flapping. A flapping like wings beating in the sky. Like a group of birds flying through the night. Like bats. Like…


    Cursing yet again, she willed herself to move faster. Pain shot up her leg, but she ignored it. Because she had to. If she didn't, she would slow and they would find her. She almost came to a jog, her leg throbbing like she’d been shot, but didn't stop. Wouldn't stop. Not until she knew she was safe from them—

    Something like wind slammed into her face and hair as a body fell from the sky and landed on its feet gracefully onto the red ground in front of her. She stumbled to a stop, staring fiercely at the Angel in front of her.

    He was beautiful. The only thing she had seen in the last few minutes that wasn’t covered in blood and gore.

    He was probably in his late forties, but flawless skin and gorgeous, young looking blonde hair tricked most people to think otherwise. His emerald green eyes shone in the dark, his large chest making his t-shirt look tight, when on anyone else it would be loose. But the most magnificent and awful thing about him was his long white wings that came out of his back so elegantly.

    She stumbled backwards with a growl, turning to make a run in the opposite direction, but was surrounded. At least three more Angels closed in on her, each just as beautiful as the other.

    She hated them. Hated them so much.

    “Welcome to Earth, Fallen,” the blonde angel said warmly.

    Then everything went black.


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