Sarcastic- Grayson Dolan

She was sarcastic.
And he wasn't.
She was too sarcastic.
And he still wasn't.

What happens when the preppy, frat boy, that thinks he is all that, gets paired up with the sarcastic, humours girl, who is just an outcast?

Read to find out.


Author's note

First upload in like 10 years❤️��

1. Day 1//

grayson's pov


i wouldn't necessarily call me the king, but i wouldn't call myself an outcast. 


oh fuck it. i am the king, but not in that sense. 


i guess you can call me the most popular kid at school. well, not a kid, more like a man. 


all the girls cry for me. they want me in their bed, more like their coming in my bed. 


i love the attention from the girls. but only the popular girls. those outcasts, are just the odd ones. 


they have weird senses of humour, and they are very different to how i am. 




it was the first day of senior year, and it will be an exact repeat of last year. all the girls wanting me. and me playing them. 


me qualifying for the football team. me being the most popular guy, and all that stuff. 


i pulled up to school with my twin brother. for twins, we are completely different people. he is one of the outcasts i mentioned earlier. 


he has a weird sense of humour. and he is always sarcastic towards me. and when he brings his friends over, they act all weird as well. they laugh at these videos of people falling over and tripping. 


i don't find it funny at all. and they play games on the television. why not play games outside, like me and my friends do. like we play lacrosse together, and it's really fun. 


"fix your attitude, ethan i don't like it." i sat pulling the key out of the ignition.


he looks at me, and raises his eyebrow. i hate that fucking look. 


"what do you mean?" he asks, squinting his eyebrows. 


i looked him up and down and saw what he was wearing. 


"well, first of all. look what you are wearing. skinny black jeans, with rips in them. a thrasher jumper, and beat up vans. you don't look very formal." i say folding my arms. 


he chuckles a bit, whilst looking me up and down. 


"what?" i say. 


he laughs. 


"well, look what you're wearing. blue polo shirt, pink sweater tied over your shoulders. khaki pants, and old men shoes. yeah, you're sooo stylish." 


his sarcastic comments again. and quite frankly, i don't think i look like an old men at all. i'm just dressed smartly.


"shut up, you loner." i say opening the car door. 


ethan slams his door shut and walks off, with his middle finger up to me. 


i gasped and shook my head in anger. 


ethan was never like this. he used to be sweet, and kind like me. and always used to play outside with me, but now. he just stays inside. 


i walk into the school's hallways, to find all the lost juniors, walking around with the maps in their hands. 


i just ignored them, and walked towards my locker. 


but a girl was leaning on it, talking to one of the outcasts. and she was an outcast as well. i could just tell by her clothing choice. 


"can you please move?" i said in a polite manner. 


she ignored me, and continued talking to her friend.


"excuse me ma-am, but can you please move? you are leaning on my locker." i say frustrated. 


she looks at my and raises her eyebrow. 


"bonjour." she says, but in her normal accent. 


i just rolled my eyes. 


"can you move?" i asked. 

"special word." She replied. 


i scoffed. who does she think she is? 


"ugh, please." i say. 

"good boy." she says, patting my back. 




it was now my favourite lesson of them all, maths. i don't know why but i just like maths and i get all the answers correct.


i walked into the room, where everyone was sat at the individual desks. most of them looked tired, but it was only the first day of school. how can they be already tired? 


anyways, i sat in my seat, and looked over to the hottie. elizabeth green.


she was gorgeous. better than any other girl i've seen. 


i've slept with elizabeth many times, and i don't get sick of it. she always surprises me. 


then an idiot had to block my view of her. 


i looked up to see the girl who was leaning on my locker earlier. loner. 


i noticed what she was wearing. she was wearing basically the same as ethan, but in girl fashion. 


why can't these people dress like the rest of us? 


i looked down to my table, to see a paper with 10 questions. by first glance, they looked super easy. 


"so for today class, we will be revising previous topics from last year. but i need to take the names, for attendance. so, please work on the sheet given to you." my teacher says. 


i looked at the first question. 


45x + 67x=

x= 2 


it was easy. so easy. 


i wrote my answer down on my paper. 


45x + 67x= 223


i know i was right because i am the smartest in math. 


"grayson?" the teacher called out. 

"here." i replied. 


a couple of questions later, and an unfamiliar name was called out. 


"brooke? brooke weston?" the teacher called out. 


the girl who was leaning on my locker looked up. 


"here." she said. 


so the girl's name is brooke. 




it was now lunch, and the big table was reserved my group of friends and the girls we chose. 


i collected my lunch, and walked over to my table, only to see brooke, ethan, tyler and some random chick, sat there. 


"what you sitting here for?" i asked. 


brooke laughed along with ethan. 


"because i can?" brooke sarcastically snarled. 


i rolled my eyes in frustration. 


"don't roll your eyes, gray. don't wanna lose your perfect image." ethan laughed. 


brooke laughed along with him. i don't get why this is funny. but once again. the outcasts have a weird sense of humour. 


"whatever. you guys are losers, and have nothing better to do in your life, than be stupid idiots." i said. 


brooke, ethan, tyler and the chick laughed. 


"you're an idiot." brooke said. 


the chick laughed. 


"and who are you?" i said. 

"jade." She smiled sarcastically. 


i chuckled to myself. 


"never heard of you before." i say. 


"one, i'm new, and two you're not exactly a celebrity are you?" she raises her eyebrow. 


1054 words proud of myself. hope you like this chapter. 



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