The Graveyard

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  • Published: 29 Jul 2018
  • Updated: 26 Jul 2018
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A telling of what the common graveyard is to the ones who live.


1. The Graveyard


There is a place were lost souls come to rest. 

But sooner or later, they must be put to the test.


This is a place where people fear and dread.

For they don’t know what lies ahead.


This place is the common graveyard.

A place were souls have died from being sick or marred.


This place is were the living morn and give flowers.

That they hope that their loved ones are in heaven safe in towers.


The appearance of a graveyard is sad............and sometimes frightening!

Especially at night were strange things are rising. 


Sometimes........... you can hear the howling of a wolf,

or the squeak of a bat.

There can even be the crawling of sometimes............even rats.


In the graveyard on a cold and rainy winter night,

the cold wind blows with much intensity and fright!

And when the lightning strikes............the thunder rolls and the lightning smites!


To conclude it all,

a graveyard is a final resting place were you fall.


And to the ones who fell to death...........enjoy themselves in a new life with ever joyous breath.

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