About him

These are just things I feel about my crush that I obviously can't say to his face . But everything I write In here is true. These are my own words , no one else's . Please enjoy .
This is probably really stupid and cheesy , but I had to let it all out .



How me met:

Our parents had just became friends maybe 4 years ago . I knew him from 1st grade , but didn't see any connection between us , after all I was too little to feel any connection . He was just another boy in my grade . We had these stupid inside jokes in 1st grade .

Then 2nd grade came and you weren't in my class so I never really saw you , only at recess, even then I never actually talked to you.

3rd grade came and he was in my class , that's when I actually got to know him . Yet still then , he was still just a boy . Then one day in class , he said "my mom said your family is coming to my house for a pizza night." He said . Of course I didn't believe him , but when I got home , I asked my mom and soon we were indeed at there house eating pizza watching the walking dead . 😂. Anywho , our families started to become really close and so did we. I'd go over to his house in 3rd and 4th grade if my mom and dad were busy and had to go somewhere , I'd go over to his house and his mom would watch us . One game we always player was annoying the dogs then running from them into the kitchen onto the table . We would cover them in blankets and run . I'd laugh at this but I still didn't feel anything . They would come to our house we would go to there's . We would also go sledding down 'dead mans hill' I know sounds like something out a horror movie , but it's wasn't actually bad at all .

Then I moved.

It's was middle of fourth grade and because of my dads job , we moved all the way to Florida . Of course I missed him . But he was still just a friend . We kept in touch on Snapchat . But it wasn't then same . And when I talked to him , even though we were 1,622 miles apart I suddenly had this feeling. I started to like him , we would spend hours talking every night about stupid things , I would support him though I'd drama dating stuff in 6th grade , I knew it wasn't any serious things , but I was so tempted to break up and him whoever is was. One I did 😬

One time when we were talking he said he liked me , that was until he started 'dating' again . I still do like him , not just over phone though . This summer I went to Iowa with my mom(where he lives) and I got to see him . We got along great . We'd play so many board games and cards . His favorite was 52 pick up of course 🙄😂 we also played a lot of Mario cart , I sucked at it . He start screaming at the game even when he was in 1st place . It was funny 😂 I think he likes me , but that's kind of hard to like someone when you live 1,622 miles from them , but somehow , it just works . We got ice cream when I was there and he pushed-teased me into a puddle 😂😥 he laughed at my lame jokes , and I laughed at his . We would mess around with the Alexa audio thing . Oh and he came after me with a nerf gun , I ended up running into the woods . He laughed at me and started riding his bike towards me . We had a great time , I want to go back next summer .

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