The One

This is gonna be like a high school romance type yeah, enjoy i guess


1. First day of school


   (This first chapter will be a lot shorter than the others)




I was new to the school, i knew a few people. But with my bad memory i didnt recognize most of them.So i went in and sat down at a table by myself, wearing my normal galaxy hoodie and having the hood up with my black skinny jeans. I spotted somewhat of a cute girl walking by as she was already headed to class. I couldn't help but to turn and keep looking at her. But when i went to look at her, i saw her looking back at me. I turned back around and continued eating m food. One of my buddies from middle school recognized me and then we started chatting. After a while, the bell to get to my first class.

I get up and walk to my first class being band...and she was there. The only open seat was right next to her, when i sat down i just sat there silently for a little while before she started up an conversation with me. Before i had knew it, ,wed become really close friends and her name was Katie.

Not too long after this, i had given her an invitation to my birthday party, i was turning 17 this year. She said she'd be sure to make it, with an extra special gift. I was a little confused by the last part, but just smiled and went on with the schoolday. Wed become closer and closer as friends as time went on and shortly, it was the day of my party.

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