The Kringe 2 the third door

After sam discoverd the dead, he finds a new visotor and the soul that looked like a door, he was in spirit and howver, the two doors, wer going to be the ️️true krInge upon the.. Guy who started to turn the same..
Sam needed one soul too escape possibly..copyrighted..


Author's note

Another sacry tale

10. The third fear part 2""

The horrid..thinking of his own escape, the fear, he thought I know alive he said! Complete that I have wishes.. But has his head took over?? Or has the real wish yet to come??

Now that the horrid oart was over he stil started to see, the evil face what was that evil face.... That was trying to get him,, or bring him more time... Howver the luck was for him to know???

Suddenly yim saw the wish he always wanted his own, doorway to riches and happiness..

Oh really said the silent voice and again the Beaty eyes of a monster started to come... Forth is this real Tim muttered!! Again he ️Sa the door oone and shatter and some other horrid,, horrid faces,, he gain paled and his qizze feeling started to unsee,, him but the fanatsy was just beginning... I can't recall, the real Nightamre again he thought he was alive somehow....

Yet the door that he journeyed to somehow saw something quite different and shocking, on the last letter.. Yet the third door open more of the horrid time he coudnt find but, waste to his sudden demise, of ️️thinking of his greed,, he awaits and then his Nightamre forseen oast midnight and the ️true meaning of the C since it was K and that door what had began to read the same letter Inge, but somehow, the scariest thought had became a reality...

Tim then rested and saw the door, he slowly opened was a wish he always pondered about his own riched and valuable horrors beyond belief that is, a beutiful scenery of an island... Howver untill he could think a shadow made the, while experience another nigtamre and missing ️secret beyond the dark gloomy missing, letter,, somehow the note was still reading inhe when In fact it was the kringe,,

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