The Kringe 2 the third door

After sam discoverd the dead, he finds a new visotor and the soul that looked like a door, he was in spirit and howver, the two doors, wer going to be the ️️true krInge upon the.. Guy who started to turn the same..
Sam needed one soul too escape possibly..copyrighted..


Author's note

Another sacry tale

32. One soul left.

the question remained this book they were talking about... And the key he thought he oomed from the last time he saw the.. His own words of fear and chilling notes so chiling that he thought he died inside out.. He then remebred that he thought he died before.. Yet somehow thhis seemed like a dream a never getting up dream... Suddenly seeing himself in the note he thought was dead...!..

Wait he muttered himself and the person knocking at the door??, there must be someone there yet sam was terrified of any one even living here??, somehow the things living behind him... He gave up one soul before,., and crissy wasn't that, instead he saw the soul he thought he was reminded.. His soul perhaps wasn't.. The reaper was now only pondering his silence... He thought of the key the Nightamre one. It Mis interpitation it really was a key of something.. It perhaps could bring back his life..nbut would he want to go back if could?? Life seemed somehow a struggle but the memory's always lived with us within.. Then he saw the real ️️thinking .. His home seemed to be within a loveley nest of this place how could a evil twisted mess.. Be home... Whe he was ️️thinking to see evil ghost.. Untill that was too much for him..Mevren he was sick of horrid things and eviks.. Yet the monsters always lived to kil himself and his soul...

Somehiw this weird but, nihtmare was about to not escape and the real deal of this horrors was just the begining.. Inside though lay.. The same face mistakenly he looked..

And lost a lot of blood. How could a face be so.. Deathfying..howver he dead perhaps.  

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