The Kringe 2 the third door

After sam discoverd the dead, he finds a new visotor and the soul that looked like a door, he was in spirit and howver, the two doors, wer going to be the ️️true krInge upon the.. Guy who started to turn the same..
Sam needed one soul too escape possibly..copyrighted..


Author's note

Another sacry tale

31. One soul left..

by now the reaper left the note.. You been lucky.."even though he been silent his very words were, you somehow escaped death itself and you bleed now.. But this in itself was freithe ing he was experiencing more pain... And he wasn't able to think staright..

I need to either escape he thought or just find paradise.. Howver the evil on this island coudnt even be itself it was what lied deep inside even deepr then te most scariest things..

I see., that book I didn't write sam said",, howver I see tim on another note and that seemed all too weird tim could of dissapeared died or escaped.. I knew tim was old freind.. I guess and that's the unknow.. The most scariest book and the most scariest thing was thinking of some kind of monster..

Yet, the real monster was just some where in a kringe, and deep out in.. His own cringe howver seemed to just be. A feeling instead of the real word the kringe,, for that was the real deal,, what was behind the kringe",,? What oddity of evik what lied in there what bloody scary mess what paradise if even that... Suddenly relief with fear,, but could it haunt you forvere? ️️thinking the only face thta kills you or only paleness and sickness lay deep within you.. Evryone wished apun thier wishes but never wanted to ask there soul.. For that might not return,, the darkest shaidw once had som life itself.. But lost it too?. What myatery the, evil saw out? Was trying to get sam soul he somehiw was so terrified of his demented old mind or was he crazy even for the reaper.. His freinds thought of him to be.  A kind aunust guy and sorta a liar but he spneevr seemed like angel... ️Eevryguy had their flaws I guess? He somehow had one missing thing behind the eary skeletons.. I realize that somehow the shadow I saw.. Was white blue.. And the other somehow chilling when in fact... The scariest story looked out out.. And saw somekind ️️true horrors... The ️️secret of the bloody keys the fear in there.. Was ️life inside here was the earth hidden in here.. Somehow this seemed like a dream but reality was sinking in...

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