The Kringe 2 the third door

After sam discoverd the dead, he finds a new visotor and the soul that looked like a door, he was in spirit and howver, the two doors, wer going to be the ️️true krInge upon the.. Guy who started to turn the same..
Sam needed one soul too escape possibly..copyrighted..


Author's note

Another sacry tale

33. One soul left.. Last chapter..ending

Everything seemed so different now the room the way he saw the living the,. How thing seemed an awful mess.. He even saw some more horrid things but his own blood was. Begining to take a pale green white color... Somehow it was like acid.. Somehow thhis story took amori bizzare twist so then saw he door welcome then he enters,, ️️️️thinking the.. Evil face could of killed him.. But he was bleeding an awful lot of colors of some sorta bloood... He saw perhaps he really chooses the unluckiest door..

The reaper remain silent.. Perhaps he saw his most freitening deal yet..,  everybody got to go sometime no matter what.. What about forver.., what about the promise., and whatabout the. Living.. Suddenly sam was just a soul yet his very own was waiting too get him back inside he couldn't believe any kind of soul... He wa yet to open the doorways..mwhen he came upon a bloody art.. I see me",, isee myself I see my life past before me.. Maybe the time was right.. Howver no matter what he finally figured out that the story he really wanted and the same number was just behind the very first one... Yet the real answer was luck.., or not. But he could of escaped only if he didn't look at a face that could kill... Then he suddenly remebred the eary letters and promise that kringes the soul a very deep pain... I see the life before that..., then he saw the face as if it swallowed the whole room inside out.. The real morals and truth is... Every scary story had no happy ending.. 

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