The Kringe 2 the third door

After sam discoverd the dead, he finds a new visotor and the soul that looked like a door, he was in spirit and howver, the two doors, wer going to be the ️️true krInge upon the.. Guy who started to turn the same..
Sam needed one soul too escape possibly..copyrighted..


Author's note

Another sacry tale

3. Finding the third door?

thats how it semed to be,, sam and his new name, gotten mixed up, but somehow the key and the door always was, there suddenly it shattered like an obvious last time of dejavu..

I acnt see it he said"" the friends showed up he knew they were there all the time..

Some how the third door wasn't ready till Nightime,, a new way for the krInge to get back to the horrors of fox islamd..the new door the third one as peaceful as it looked had another person..

The whole ghost thing was still the same, a complete, beutiful one aside the wrong guy,,

The way a new sam, discovered. He needed to see himself it wasn't the first Sam it was another one,, two completely different poeple..

The noise behind him turned around a monster,, he heard he ran around and around..

He was sitting there thinking bad things, he knew what he was talking about though!.

The key felll it was suddenly true,,, who fell, then the door, of the Beninng of new mysterious ️kimd of ️secret love and the kringe...

It seemed since the new door locked the sudden monster escaped out this sudden book and key spelled a new chilling era too, the story about the k.r.i.n.g.e.

As it locked,, sam then starttedd to live by no wishes was it, in him to..

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