League of the lost

During the events of Spider-lady, the 12 fallen Avengers and heros regenerate and come to life. unless they find a weakness of the gaunlet, the remaining Avengers will die. when they don't find the Avengers by the computer, there is only one explanation: they're in time.
these are their stories.


Author's note

if you read these, spoilers.

1. Back from the dead (Peter Parker)

 last this i saw was tony. next i am looking at Black Panther. i stumble back and landed on my bottom. i wasn't alone.

Doctor Strange went over to help me up. behind him, Peter Quill, Drake, Mantis, Falcon aka Sam. 

"i apologize but you gave me just enough fright to get my claws out."  The king said.

"give him a break, i didn't know he was going to do that. i thought he'd live." Quill said.

"I am Groot." said a twig from behind him.

i saw 12 people standing there. Bucky, loki, Sam, Quill, a lady of green beside him, Drake, Mantis, doctor strange, Nick Fury, Maria Hills, Black Panther, Scarlet Witch and the twig called Groot. that's alot of us here. 14 in total. no one else showed up. 

"is that all?" i asked.

"Quite possibly. i didn't know i was going to die." Strange said.

"i felt something going on. must have been my spider senses telling my i was going to die." i said.

"Lucky you, none of us knew untill i saw my metal arm turning to ash." Bucky said.

"You're the first one to go?" i asked.

nods. i was sure some people would die but not this many Avengers.

"if this is all the Guardians, that means that Rocket and Nebula are still alive." Quill said.

"Two Guardians? and Avengers?" bucky asked.

"I would say Steve, Tony, James, Clint, Natasha, Bruce, Thor, Ant-man, i'd say that's it." Scarlet said.

"Well that's not many heros left. where are we?" Gamora said.

"New York subway. i can tell." i said.

"any Avengers here?" Quill asked.

"i wouldn't say. Mr Stark lives not far from here but he's on Titan at the moment, the wakanda warriors i heard about are in africa and along with the left over Avengers so i would say no." i pointed out.

"so what do we do? we can't just stand here and do nothing and wait for them." Quill said.

i had forgotten about that. with everyone isolated, what can we do? if we wait for the avengers we would have to be at the headquarters for about six months, more if they don't return.

i look to Strange. he was as puzzled as i was. there was another question that he was giving away:

who's going to replace us?

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