The Diary Of A Hogwarts Student_Book 1_Letters And Mystery

Emma Lilas discovered she's a witch a few days after Hermione Granger. But mysteriously, no wizards came to explain her what she needs to know, and her parents acted strangely since she got her Hogwarts letter. What if she was not a Muggle-born ? What if she was not meant to be in her House ? And what if her mysterious dreams had something to do with her past ?


5. 6th August 1991

How long haven't I been writing ? Ah, yes, twelve days.

I was too shocked and angry to write. Besides, there is nothing very interesting happening lately.

Only today I recover, and today I get another letter.

How many will I get this summer ? I better start a collection...


          Dear Emma Lilas,

 With your special case, we decided you should come to Hogwarts earlier than other students. So, you will have to come at King's Cross station in London a week before September the First.

 You will need to bring all your school material. Rubeus Hagrid, our gamekeeper, will come to get you to Hogwarts Platform. He will be waiting at the entrance at eleven o'clock in the morning. Don't be late.

Deputy Headmistress,      

Minerva McGonagall  


Hermione look at me.

"Emma... I'm really surprised I'm asking you this, but... Do you really want to go to Hogwarts ?"

I stand there for a moment, not knowing what to say.

"No idea. After what we found out about my origins--"

I stop. I said I recovered from the shock, but that's only half true.

"Emma, you have to face it. You're not going to abandon your once-in-a-life-time chance to go to a school where you will actually fit in ! Better than in the Muggle schools, at least."

I stare at her. She perfectly knows I don't really like people using the word abandon, because it reminds me of a book my Mom usually read to me a year ago. That book is called Abandoned **, and this story is about two country girls in the United States that didn't even have names...

** Check out my upcoming movella !!

But the determined look on her face gives me hope, and made me thought : "Hermione really is the best friend I can have."

I give a sad, but as determined smile to her, and we both jump back inside the Standard Book Of Spells Grade 1 again.

And then, Mrs. Granger call : "Girls !! You have company !"

We run down the stairs, and to my horror, I see Dad, wand raised to me, looking angry, and just when I understand what he is here for, he shouts : "Obliviate !"


For a moment, everything is dark, like a veil covering my eyes. Then I see a glimpse of light, far, far away. It gets nearer, closer, closer...

A smiling face of a nine year old, dark brown hair, looking happy. Running around a garden, with a bushy brown haired girl running after her. Both are laughing like crazy.

Then, a sweet, kind voice calls them.

"Hey, you two little birds, it's lunch time !"

"Yay, lunch time ! Mom, what did you cook today ?"

"Ah, surprise, surprise ! I made a tiny English feast, with a special drink I invented called Butterbeer !"

"Butterbeer ?" the bushy brown haired girl say. "Isn't it made with alcohol ?"

"Yes, normally, yes, but this one doesn't have some. Come on, try it ! It's delicious !"

The two girls both take a sip from their glass of Butterbeer. The dark-brown haired child smile, and say : "It tastes like Heaven..."


I open my eyes to three worried faces, all looking at me. When Hermione sees me awaking, she suddenly gets excited and say, cheerfully : "You're awake !"

Still confused, I ask : "What happened ?"

"Mom, Dad, can we have some privacy now ?"

Mr. and Mrs. Granger gets out of our room, where I am lying on bed.

"So, um, Emma ? Do you remember something about letters, and wizards ? Anything ?"

I stare at her, not knowing what she meant.

"What do you mean ? Of course I remember Hogwarts ! Also the fact I left home, that days ago we found out my parents are Death Eaters --"

Hermione take a deep sigh, as though glad about something.

"Your father tried to erase your mind with the Memory Charm. I've read about it in the Standard Book of Spells. You were lucky to have resisted, and that I had my wand in my pocket."

My face turn blank. I mean, what did she do to my Dad ? It's not because he's evil that he isn't my Dad anymore !

"What did you do to him ?"

"Oh, nothing really dangerous." She say, smiling. "In fact, I think that you'll be glad about it."

I look at her. Obviously I don't trust her.

"I erased you from his memory. You won't be bothered by him anymore. Oh, and when we brought him back to his home, I erased your mother's too."

It was then that I smile. I don't think I was ever that happy since July.

"You... you actually started using magic now ?"

"Yeah. It actually is pretty easy. Do you want me to help you learn it ?"

"Oh, yeah, it's just, I've only learned the theory yet, I didn't know if we are allowed to use magic yet."

"Well, now you know that we can practise magic. As long as Muggles other than our parents don't see us."

I get even more happy.

"We'll start tomorrow if you want. Three o'clock in the afternoon ?"

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