The Diary Of A Hogwarts Student_Book 1_Letters And Mystery

Emma Lilas discovered she's a witch a few days after Hermione Granger. But mysteriously, no wizards came to explain her what she needs to know, and her parents acted strangely since she got her Hogwarts letter. What if she was not a Muggle-born ? What if she was not meant to be in her House ? And what if her mysterious dreams had something to do with her past ?


4. 25th July 1991

Hogwarts sent a new letter yesterday.


        Dear Emma Lilas,

 Mr. Garrick Ollivander has informed us that you possess the Dark Mark. You must know that anyone who possess the Dark Mark is not likely to be accepted, and has to go to Azkaban, the wizarding world prison.

 Yet the Quill of Acceptance and the Book of Admittance had never been wrong before, and it will not start today. You will still come to Hogwarts, like every wizards and witches of your age. But you will be closely followed by your Prefect during breakfast, lunch and dinner. Your Head of House will personally choose another competent student of your year that will keep an eye on you during breaks.

The school staff wish you a wonderful year at Hogwarts.

Deputy Headmistress,          

Minerva McGonagall  


"Dark Mark ?" Hermione say, after reading the letter. "What is a Dark Mark ? Are they talking about the weird tattoo on your right arm ?"


I roll up my sleeve to show a tattoo that covers almost the half of my arm, shaped like a serpent going out of a skull's mouth. I had it since my birth, and always thought that it was a kind of fashion to my parents that they wanted to give to me, as they had the same mark.

"Whatever it means, we'll find out in this book." Hermione say cheerfully.

She hand me a book called The Dark Arts -- Origins and Consequences.

"Where did you get that ?"

"Found it in Diagon Alley. The kind witch who owned that store gave it to me because I don't have wizard money, as I'm a Muggle-born."

I open it to page 243, where the Headline is He Who Must Not Be Named And His Followers.

 You all know the Dark Lord's crimes, and all know who defeated him -- young Harry Potter, as a baby. We all fear his name, and flinch at the sound of it. Yet I, Albus Dumbledore, think that fear for the name is ridiculous, so I just call him Lord Voldemort. And I am here, because this young wizard wants my opinion of all this.

 Many fears him and are glad he's gone. But we all know that many supports him, even fight for him. These people are called Death Eaters, and can be recognized by the Dark Mark they have on their right arm.

I glance at Hermione. We both exchange anxious looks, wondering what kind of other surprises are we going to find in this book.

 A few of the most renouned Death Eaters are Bellatrix Lestrange, Bartemius Crouch Jr, and, of course, the famous Jane Lilas and Benjamin Lilas.


A/N : Sorry for this short chapter, I just thought a chapter ending like this can be really good, so I didn't want to continue.

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