The Diary Of A Hogwarts Student_Book 1_Letters And Mystery

Emma Lilas discovered she's a witch a few days after Hermione Granger. But mysteriously, no wizards came to explain her what she needs to know, and her parents acted strangely since she got her Hogwarts letter. What if she was not a Muggle-born ? What if she was not meant to be in her House ? And what if her mysterious dreams had something to do with her past ?


3. 18th July 1991

It's been a week since I left home...

I've never been away from any member of my family so long. Now that I know that I'm a pure-blood, I suppose they were all witches and wizards ! Anyway, here's what happened today at Hermione's house. And outside -- anywhere but at my parents'.

Mr. Granger say : "Girls, there's another Hogwarts letter for you two. Oh, and, Emma, why do they always send these letters to our house instead of your's ? They are supposed to be send to you." I don't tell him why. He knows that I left home, but he think that it's because they thought that I ought to live with them, to make it easier at school.

I open my letter while Hermione open hers.

        Dear Emma Lilas,

To perform magic at school, you will need a wand. We've reserved you an hour at Ollivanders, the best wand maker's shop. There, you will receive one. And remember, the wand chooses the wizard, you will not have the power to choose it yourself.

Deputy Headmistress,           

Minerva McGonagall 

I smile. My first wand !! Who wouldn't be happy to know that they're having their first wand ??

I look at Hermione, and she look at me. And we both burst into laughter. It feels weird to say that out loud, but we did. After taking back enough breath to talk, I say : "Do -- do you realize what's happening ? Because I feel like this is just a dream..."

"Me too, but it isn't and I'm glad about that !! After getting our wands, we can practice magic, and be ready for our first year at Hogwarts !"

"Woah, I can't believe that ! It couldn't be true !... And yet it is ! But, change of suubject, there is a lot more than magic to learn at Hogwarts. There are potions, plants and creatures to learn about. And let's not forget that we don't know anything about our new school, and before focusing on our classes, I think we should know how it works, there."

"Right. Now, where did I put Hogwarts : A History again ?"

We spend the whole morning reading this book. I now know that every year, on September the First, there is a magical feast where first years get Sorted into four 'Houses', with a hat called the 'Sorting Hat'. For each House, there are certain qualities requested.

"Look, Emma ! The images move !"

She wasn't reading Hogwarts : A History anymore. She have in her hands a book called 1000 Magical Herbs And Fungi, and is showing me a page where an image of a Mandrake was moving in two hands, and is apparently screaming.

"I already love magic", I say, smiling.

Mrs. Granger shout from the kitchen : "Time to eat, girls ! Drop your books and come ! I made pork pies !"

We run down to the dining room, where the dishes are already on the table, and Mr. and Mrs. Granger are already seated.

"Sorry, Mom..." Hermione say. "We forgot to set the table..."

"Oh, it's okay. You have to prepare for school earlier than last year, anyway. 'Don't want you to come back home with bad marks."

We eat and talk at the same time. Ever since I arrived, we've never ate without talking. There is too much to say.

After lunch, we finish reading Hogwarts : A History, and I start reading the Standard Book Of Spells (Grade 1) when the bell rings and Hermione go open the door. And a familiar voice say : "Hermione Granger, I am here to take you to Ollivanders, where you are going to have your first wand."

I run to the door, so Professor McGonagall doesn't leave without me, although I know Hermione would inform her of my presence.

To my surprise, when I arrive next to Hermione, she glance at me, with a horrible look. She slowly say to me, like if I am a twelve months old toddler : "I was expecting you to be home."

"I am home."

"Do I care ? Never mind, I am not here to talk about your life. Come."

We both follow her outside, and she bring us to a nearby playground. Wait, is she making fun of Hermione and me ?

Almost at the exact same time I think that, a purple-blue bus appear from nowhere, and a weird-looking man standing at the bus's entrance say : "Welcome to the Knight Bus, emergency transport for the stranded witch or wizard. Just stick out your wand hand, and we can bring you wherever you want."

"Leaky Cauldron, London." Professor McGonagall say, shortly.

She hand the man thirteen silver coins, and continue : "I'm bringing these two to their first wands, so they don't pay."

"Ah, two Muggle-borns, eh ? Don't know anything about wizards, don't they ?"

"There's one who's not what you think. Try to find who."

The man glance at Hermione, and suddenly turn to me, frowning. He don't say anything out loud, but when I pass next to him, he mutters something : "Stick to your place, Lilas."

The bus look much bigger at the inside than from the outside. There are many chairs, but none look stable, and there is other people, too. When I get in, all eyes are on me, except Hermione's and Professor McGonagall's, who is obviously avoiding me.

Hermione and I sit next too each other, and start talking in low voices. Her bushy hair keep going on her face, and when they do so, it means that she's nervous -- yes, another of the strange things happening around us. I'm not surprised she is, because with all these people staring at me, some also look at her, wondering why she is talking to me.

We travel silently. The bus is invisible, so we are not seen by Muggle eyes. It goes really fast and the road is really bumpy, but we arrive safely in front of a tiny shop in a small street. All three of us get down, still watched by all eyes. We enter the little shop, and even if everyone is staring at me like if I'm some sort of alien, I'll never regret to do so.

There aren't any colors, but I just feel more at home here than anywhere else I have been before. Spoons are agitating themselves in teacups, dishes are washed with floating soap, and everyone seem to think this is completely normal. Hermione, on the other hand, still have her hair on her face. I give her a smile, and say : "You know, there isn't anything to be nervous about. I am the one who is supposed to be, with all these looks they shoot on me."

"It's not like you're an outsider ! All these people are issued from complete wizard families and I, well, am a Muggle-born."

"Me, not an outsider ? I spent my whole life hiding from my real home without knowing, and when I finally find it, people don't want to let me in. And after that, you say I'm not an outsider !"

"Shush, you--"

Professor McGonagall don't finish her sentence. She lead us to a back door, open it and we find ourselves in front of a brick wall. She take out her wand, use it to tap on a few bricks, and the wall magically splits in two. We head in, and behind the wall is an illuminated street, where all sorts of animals like cats, owls and a few bats -- Hermione shrieked when she saw them -- fly and run around the big crowd.

This is it, I think, that was my house, and this is my garden. A big, big garden.

"Welcome to Diagon Alley", Professor McGonagall say.

She walk to a nearby shop, where it is written in big letters : Ollivanders, Makers of Fine Wands since 382 BC.

Hermione open the door and we all enter the shop, where a white-blond hair boy, about the same age as me, is standing there, admiring his new wand. When he sees us, he groan, mutter something like 'Mudbloods', and look at me. His eyes open wide, and his expression change from nasty to surprised.

"Ah, you must be the Muggle-borns !"

The voice come from behind one of the shelves full with long boxes. An old-looking man come out of it, and say : "Welcome to my shop. I'm Garrick Ollivander, the owner and proud wand-maker of Ollivanders. Mr. Malfoy, you may go back home, now that you have your wand."

The boy run to the exit, his wand clutched in his hands. But before getting out of the shop, he turn to me, and like if he's an old friend, look at me like if he was telling me : "See you at school, Lilas !"

"Well, I suppose Professor McGonagall can get out, now. It is better if you do so, Minerva -- she gets out of the shop --. Great, now, who would go first ?"

Hermione step out and ask if she can.

"Very well, than. And, your name ?

"Hermione Granger."

"Miss Granger, would you please try this wand ?"

He hand her out a polished, shining wand, and she take it. But Mr. Ollivander immediately take it back, saying this one is not made to be her's. "Try this one." And for half an hour, he kept doing the same thing, until she try a beautiful carved one, and when she touches it, a few golden sparks shoots out of the tip of her wand. Mr. Ollivander smile. "This is a Vine wand with Dragon heartstring. It suits you perfectly."

Then, it's my turn. I walk in front of him, and like to Hermione, he asks my name. "Emma Lilas."

His eyes open wide. His mouth drop open. For a minute, he stays like that. And then, he says : "Right. I know just the perfect wand for you." He hands me a light brown wand with a carved handle. I take it. Just like Hermione's, golden sparks shoot out of the tip of my wand. "Alder wand with Dragon heartstring. This wood is like a tradition in your family. They all had Alder wands."

A tradition to my family ? Did they all stepped in here before me ? Is that going to help me find out who I am ?

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