The Diary Of A Hogwarts Student_Book 1_Letters And Mystery

Emma Lilas discovered she's a witch a few days after Hermione Granger. But mysteriously, no wizards came to explain her what she needs to know, and her parents acted strangely since she got her Hogwarts letter. What if she was not a Muggle-born ? What if she was not meant to be in her House ? And what if her mysterious dreams had something to do with her past ?


1. 10th July 1991

Tic tic tic... I put my pillow on my head, thinking it'll cover up all the sound...

Tic tic tic... I throw a lamp at the window, and for a moment, I think that the kid is gone...

Tic tic tic... Make him stop !!!!

I open the window and an envelope make it's way in my room. A yellow-ish, old envelope. I look back at the world outside and see a small owl flying back to wherever it came from. But there is no other sign of life. It couldn't have been a simple boy...


10th July. An odd day to start a diary. Maybe because weird things happen all around me since I was born, and my parents just won't tell me why. That must be my reason.

I won't go too 'dear diary', and all, but I will write down my feelings. Sometimes, it's good to tell someone what we think, wether it's a person or a notebook, a baby or a doll. For example, the only person/object to have daily news about me apart from my diary is Hermione Granger.

She had been my friend since first grade. We know each other too well, and none of us keep secrets from each other. That is why this notebook is only my second diary, as Hermione is already the first one.

Back to what I was saying firstly, weird things happen around me ( and Hermione ) all the time. Because of that, we were both the elementary school bullies' favorite victims, but luckily, we were both impossible to outsmart or insult. Wether our mysterious talent help us defeat them, or our incredible intelligence ( sorry, I don't want to seem to bad ) beat them with simple words. But it wasn't like the little strangers living nearby. I don't know them, not by look, not by voice, and yet they know me. And that is truly annoying.

A few days earlier, Hermione recieved a strange guest, who wanted to be called Minerva McGonagall, or Professor McGonagall. We were playing chess when she arrived and told Hermione's parents that their daughter was a witch, and that she is welcomed to join her people in Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. That explained why she was so unlucky. But what about me ?

My friend asked Professor McGonagall wether if I was one too. She looked at me, then shot me a look of deep fear and disgust, and slowly shook her head. But I swear I heard her muttering : "Impossible... Couldn't be... What if..."

And that leads to today...


I take the letter the owl dropped and open it :


   Dear Miss Lilas,

We are pleased to inform you that you have been accepted at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. You have in this letter the list with the necessary books and objects for your first year.

Deputy Headmistress,              

Minerva McGonagall  


I scream, scream so hard my father come running to me, open wide the door and ask : "What is it, Emma ? Another street bully ??"

I slowly hand him the piece of parchment, which is already wet with joy tears. He read it, but his expression don't go 'I'm so proud of you, honey !', but more like 'oh my God, it's just a nightmare, I'm going to wake up any time now'.

He raise his head and look at me. The second later, he is running down the stairs to the living room, where I suppose my mother is reading the news paper.

I don't know what has gotten into him, isn't Dad supposed to be happy ? His daughter, born with magical powers while others don't have this chance ? His daughter invited to join a school where she would not only practise using and controlling her powers, but also meet hundreds, maybe thousands of people with the same gift ?

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