Just Pretending

When a killer steps out to replace a person dear to you. What will you do?

The princess of the underground went up to substitute her twin sister's absence aboveground. But because of this event, she will meet the people that will change herself unexpectedly the two gangs that cherishes her twin sister's very existence.


6. Chapter 5: Jun

Chapter 5: Jun

I woke up at 10 am. Damn! My hang over strikes. Over the most epic and enjoyable shame I put him through, I started up with drinking the best liquor. My sweetest victory here above ground.

And since it took me late before I woke up, I already felt the grumbling complaint of my tummy. I went down stairs While I yawned and sheepish. "Yaya, can you make me some... Coffee?" I was surprised when I saw the whole band of Kawaii 6 in my living room. I could feel my jaw drop expression while I stared over the shameless trespassers who just busts in from someone else's house.

"What are you... Doing here?" The tone of annoyance in my voice was obvious as I glared at them. Specially that guy called JK.

"Didn't those triple M told you? We have a date." He said while giving out a wide yawn.

"And who says I want to?" I asked annoyed.

"Well in exchange of the concert's VIP seat. Just date me for appreciation." He responded.

"You're suppose to be annoyed because I slapped you." I said back.

He smiled amused. "Was that your plan?" He grinned. "I'm sorry but that's not enough to defeat my longing for you."

I shrugged. "Creepy bastard." I hissed and yaya came in to hand over the coffee I was asking for before these men came in annoying me. "Get out before I call the security." I warned. Or I'll kill you.

"Sorry dear, but my love for you won't fade even if you push me." He said back that caused me to nearly spit the coffee I was drinking at them.

I shortly coughed and gave him a glare. As worst as my killer mode.

"Ah, I suppose I should just make your heart stop. A corpse won't love will it?" I asked that shut them up. They looked at me as if I was some alienated existence that suddenly popped out in front of them. "Seriously, what kind of corpse should I make out of you?" I asked annoyed.

JK looked at me seriously and went near me, holding both my shoulders. "Listen to yourself Emerald. You've changed this bad after 3 months or less? What happened to you?" He asked.

Tss. I rolled my eyes as I Iooked at him in the eyes. "Seriously , mister? You're asking me that? After giving me that bad impression of yours, you're going to tell me that as if I was the bad guy here? Think again." I said.

I felt his grip to my shoulder tightens as he stared to my eyes. His orbs were dark and impressively deadly. I smiled at him playfully then gave out a mischievous laugh.

"Oh come on, are you trying to scare me?" I asked as I felt his grip from my shoulder tightens.

"Emerald please." He hardly said.

Oh, now I'm feeling pity for him... I shrugged his hands off my shoulder and he let go helplessly as I ran up to my room with the coffee I was holding. Changed my clothes into some random shirt and jeans that I find less revealing then went out again, finding him at the verge of leaving in my door.

"Hey, jerk!" I called that made him paused to turn his gaze towards me. "Don't I still have to pay that VIP ticket?" I said walking towards him.

"Eme--" I didn't let him finish and just pulled him out of the house.

"Don't worry Emerald, we'll take good care of your house!" Those other Kawaii 6 exclaimed in my house's door.

"Good luck! Don't be so aggressive!" I was about to give a glare at them but the door automatically closed.

Such friends. Why do they love keeping annoying companions? Well, I might as well think that he's the same one anyway.

When I looked at him, almost smiling from ear to ear. Tss. I only I was not entertained yesterday, maybe I wouldn't allow him to treat me this way today.

"Don't show me that face." I warned.

"Why not? You finally found me." He said suddenly out of the blue. And his words made me feel bewildered.

"Huh? What are you talking about?" I asked. "And I just accepted that date because I owe you the tick--"

I wasn't able to finish what I was suppose to say when he suddenly opened the door of the passenger seat. I just stared over the open door.

"Is even entering this door reached your amnesia?" He asked still smiling.

I glared at him. "I'll drive." I said.

He looked at me in an alien way. "Don't joke up with me. You can't drive, Emerald." he said.

"If I said I'll drive... I WILL DRIVE." I emphasized as I grabbed the key from him and walked towards the driver seat.

"Wait." Jun called out as he tried to catch up on driver seat. "Emerald, you can't--"

"I can, trust me." I said as calm as I could. Or as pursuing as I could. What's the use of your pleasing personality if you won't use it right??

He helplessly sighed and just went towards the passenger seat. While I smiled triumphantly before seating comfortably to the wheels.

"So, where are you taking me?" He asked.

"To a place where people have a date." I replied and opened the engine of the car that Jun owns. I drove the car and enjoyed the ride while the cars aren't that much still at the highway.

When we got to the mall, I turned to him and saw how pale he is. "What's wrong with you?' I innocently asked.

He looked at me wide eyed. "Oh God Emerald!" He exclaimed, grabbing me by the shoulder and hugged me. Late reaction much? "We're still alive right?" He asked.

That made me laughed. "Yeah, I guess you're still living as hell." I replied.

He sighed and let me go. "Good. I'll be the one driving us home later." He said, after that, he went down to race up with me before I could even open up the door. Gentleman? "gentleman isn't easy to find nowadays you know." He smiled and winked at me.

I rolled my eyes heaven wards and went out. Should I consider this as my first date?

"Let's start exploring." I called as we entered the mall's entrance.

He caught up and walked beside me, placing his arms around my shoulder. "Didn't you know that we're famous?" he asked.

"How?" I asked.

"When you slapped me in that concert. It earned almost hundred thousand of views from Japan. That's why I can't show this handsome face back there anymore. Thanks a lot Emerald." He said emphasizing the word thanks and Emerald.

"Yeah, you're welcome." I replied happily. That's my job. To take people into misery.


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