Just Pretending

When a killer steps out to replace a person dear to you. What will you do?

The princess of the underground went up to substitute her twin sister's absence aboveground. But because of this event, she will meet the people that will change herself unexpectedly the two gangs that cherishes her twin sister's very existence.


4. Chapter 3: He destroyed Saturday


Today is Saturday. What's good about Saturday?

First, free time. Second, you can stroll around wherever, whenever; third... nothing special, I just want to enjoy this day.

Today, I'm in a certain park around the city. Enjoying my sense of sight to the surrounding around me. The trees that sways around the places together with the wonderful breeze of the late afternoon that kisses my skin. The cool air outside. And its been a while ever since I stepped on this hell of a peaceful place. A place that I will never belong to.

Finding myself a nice view, I sat on a near bench that's been shaded by the beautiful tree. There are people boating around the lake. Family, friends, couples and others who are together in any boats around that water. Some gave out strong laughter as the boat moves.

Emotions, one of the natural occurances that happens to ones life. A phenomena that fuck knows where it came from. A miraculous sense that no human can not avoid. But that's the rule that we all have to follow in order to claim that we're invincible.

I sighed after I had filled my eyes with the view and stood up to an attempt to leave the area, but unfortunately, I got bumped into some guy who happens to be in the way. Being aware that bumping him had a strong pact, I crashed my poor butt on the dusty ground and regretted it soon as I touched the grass. I looked up and glared at him. I tried to stand up and leveled myself to him but I failed to do so because he was really tall, or maybe, I was the one who's unfortunate to have a good height.

"What's wrong with you?! Don't you even know how to step out of the way?!" I screamed irritated, patting the dust that hugged my pants when I fell.

He looked down at me that as if I was so small-- which I think is a freaking insult to me. I know the truth fuck'n hurts, but at least try to make it not obvious, right?

"Oh," he said a bit amused. "I didn't know you're there." He laughed now as the other guys behind him, seemingly to be his friends laughed with him too.

I hissed annoyed. "Maybe, you're a stupid tree!!! Blind!" I shouted irritated and was planning my leave by a walk out but to my surprise, he suddenly lifted me up in his arms. "What the!?" I said as I struggled from his hold.

He smirked devilishly as he passed through the bench where I sat, he went straight over the boundary between the park and the lake. "Let me educate you how a handsome tree bestows punishment, wanna guess?" He asked playfully. "Its like this." And he tossed me high up, making me fall over the fuck'n lake.

"Asshole!!! You'll regret what you did, dammit!" I screamed as soon as I swam up the lake as I glared up at him.

He just laughed over my retort. "That's rude to say." He laughed. "That's your punishment for not listening to me." He said leaving me in this damn state.

"Hey! Stupid jerk! I hate you!" I called out shouting. And to my irritation, I tried to punch the freaking water. Dammit! Once I see that jerk again, I'll make sure to bring a gun and shot him instantly.

So after that unbearable event that I never thought would happen to me this day. If you ask me, I would've been thankful if its a punching-someone-to-death event. But that guy just tossed me on a lake!! He just embarrassed me in that fuck'n park. And most of all, he destroyed the Saturday that I'm trying to enjoy. Haist!!! Dammit!

Reaching my home, I took a bath to remove the smell of the lake in my body. TSS. Big tss. That kind of person is making my blood boil, he's one of the kind of people who brings out the 'beast' in me. I'll make him pay. And how dare he say that its my punishment when I can't even remember doing something wrong to a handsome tree like him? I didn't know if I did anything wrong, right?

After shaking off the negative energy in me, I went downstairs to enjoy some shows while eating chips. Yeah, its been a while since I have to watch some deathly clips from the underground. There are a lot of new comers nowadays that are prepared to die in the most cruel way anyone can ever take up.

I slept w\out notice and just realized it the moment when I woke up that morning. Still, the TV was on and the death still kept on occuring. I yawned sheepishly then I turned the TV off. My maid may have seen it but was just afraid to turn it off or even going close. She's kinda not used of the theme I watched. She said, 3 months ago, I am fund with watching romance. How stupid to hear. I should've known, Emerald was heart broken. And to whom? To that fuck up JK.

I just made my way towards the library and read some books. I need to refresh and about the academics that I learned the passed years. I was home schooled and I excellerated in terms of education that was given to me. And besides, Emerald's course was different from mine. And since there's a new curriculum about education, they are still high school students. Unfortunately of them...

I studied their so-called general mathematics. I tried solving some problems since there are things that are new to me. Self study again. Reading the book twice as I yawned and finally gotten bored. Student life.

I checked my watch and realized that I haven't even gotten an hour of study so I decided to walk and familiarize myself with the village that I live in to.

Reaching the little empty kiddie park that I've gotten used to stay and had my peace of mind of ever since I've began to pretend as Emerald. It was an old children's park that I think was a bit familiar to me.

Or maybe, familiar wasn't a term for that. I think, I was just fund of the place. I don't understand myself.

There, I sat on  a swing. There was actually two swings there but the other one that's beside the swing where I sat was already broken.

The wind suddenly gushed when I sat. The whisper of wind screamed in between the tall big trees. My hair also joined the sway as it flowed strongly behind my back. I shrugged. The breeze was indeed freezing. I also felt the grab of incoming cold. My hands are turning cold and my back was chilling. My spine could feel the air already.

But as I my body tried to adjust with the chilling weather, I felt that someone had covered my back with a jacket that somehow made me comfortable. It was warm.

I looked back to thank the person for his generosity but when I saw who that person was, my blood instantly boiled and I felt disappointed for not bringing the gun with me to end his life.

That jerk!!!

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