Just Pretending

When a killer steps out to replace a person dear to you. What will you do?

The princess of the underground went up to substitute her twin sister's absence aboveground. But because of this event, she will meet the people that will change herself unexpectedly the two gangs that cherishes her twin sister's very existence.


3. Chapter 2: Masked as Emerald

-3 months later...

Here I am. Out in the real world, still blank about what happened that day. I felt reborn or something. It's kinda confusing being someone else right?

I sighed.

"Any problem Emerald?" Asked Mica.

I smiled and shook my head. "Nothing is wrong." Then I played my hair.

After that I looked around just to see that Mary and Mandy are unusual. They were staring at their phones as if expecting someone. But I just ignored it thinking that they've turned over a new leaf and that's a good thing since the surrounding became peaceful. Suddenly, I heard a flash that made me flinch. Then I faced the triple m. They were holding their phones, staring seriously at the phone and I realized that they just took a fuckin' picture of me. "Why did you do that?" I asked.

They smiled at me like they were scheming something weird. "We are going to send it to JK." Mandy said and concentrated to their phones. They really are unusual. So I stood up and went near them and stared at their phones, when they suddenly shriek like some kind of fan. "Yeah!!! He has a concert!!!"

I covered my ears in the deafening shrieks. "What?" I asked confused. "And who the fuck's JK??" I asked.

They glared at me. "Stop cussing Emerald it doesn't fit your innocent face." I rolled my eyes. Duh... Cussing is my natural word. Its merely a part of my life. "And JK... He's an actor." Mandy said handing me her phone with a message in it. I looked at it a bit annoyed with the content while reading.

"Hey guys, my last concert will be there, and make sure to come, okay? Especially her!!!" The message said.

"Well, good luck with the concert." I said giving the phone back and started walking away.

"No!!!" The ladies exclaimed jumping on me as we all fell on the floor the three ladies pounding me on the ground with their own weights... Oh damn... Its so heavy.

"What's the matter with you guys?" I asked hardly asking for air while they squeeze my little built.

"If you won't be able to come, we won't get our hands to the free ticket!!" They complained.

"What does it have something to do with me??" I asked. Still they are making me suffer like sandwich. "And get off me." I said back.

So they did. They stood up together and got up. "You're coming!!! No matter what!!!" They desperately said.

They dragged me going to the mall and all the sudden, treated me as a barbie. Such as wear this and that. What's their problems? After they had me tortured in stupid dresses, They finally allowed me to have a rest in one of the benches. I pouted kinda annoyed about this acting nice job I have. It's really hard being Emerald isn't it? Mostly if you are Zillarine Zephyr Villamorez that engages in killing...


I jumped in surprise when they stole another picture of me. "Why the hell are you doing that for?"

"For free tickets." they answered me back.

"Wait... Are you selling me??" I asked in disbelief as I gave them a wide eyed look.

"Were selling your picture Emerald, not you."

"Hey, that's illegal!!" I complained.

"Its not for you. And its legal because... Its really legal." Mary said that made me wrinkled in a bit of puzzled.

"When did it became legal when it comes to me?" I frowned still trying to hide my annoyance.

Again I was startled when they've stolen up another image of me. "Pretty!" The three smirked. "I wish our ticket would be totally free."

"Aish! Guys!!" I complained.

Suddenly, the phone rang in Mary's hand. "Ayiee, its JK!!!" They teased and answered the phone in loud speaker.

"How is it." The voice said.

"She's doing good. Hehe." Mika said.

"Hey, is she there?" The guy asked over the phone phone.

"Yep. Emerald's listening." It made my brows raise when Mandy replied that way.

"Hey Emerald listen carefully." I heard him said. "I'm coming to give you a visit again, anyway--"

"Don't even try!" I shouted over the phone as I grabbed it to end the call. Seriously. Why am I pissed off?

"Emerald, why did you end the call?" Mary asked.

"Dunno. I just felt like doing it." I answered back.

"But that's JK..." They all said as if I've did some kind of crime or I did something so bad. "He's... You're--" both hand of Mary and mica covered Mandy's mouth.

"You'll understand soon, Em. When the two of you meets up." Mary said.

"I don't get it." I said puzzled puzzled.

"Well, you'll understand soon when he gets here."

Again I wrinkled my forehead towards them. Man, I'm out of the fuckin' place. Haist!!

"Emerald, what's with the troubled face?" Gab, who keeps on appearing like a mushroom nowadays had spoke.

Now my face look troubled? What the hell?! "Nothing, just bored.." I answered back.

"Ayiee!!!! The suitor is back!" The triple m laughed.

I hissed to that.

After teasing me that I have a crush on Gab, The classes had finally continued. TSS. As if, Gab? My crush? If to 'crush' I would gladly be of help, but crush? Na-uh. In their freaking dreams.

After class, I went off the classroom and went straight to the rest room to change my skirt into jeans. I mean, i don't like to wear mini skirts... In fact, I've never wore any dress before. After changing, I went down the basement and reunited back with my black motor. I smiled and wore my helmet and sped off to reach Emerald's house where I currently live in.

I greeted my only maid when I found her in the kitchen. I wore my apron and started to slice some vegies. Then I started slicing the meat after. The sensation was running into me as I cut in between the meat... Lust for bloody fights. I harshly dropped the knife and washed my greasy hands because of the fats. "Lorie, can you do the cooking for now? And also, the slicing of meat." I asked.

"Ah, yes ma'am, just rest assure. I'll call you after when this is all done." The maid said with a sweet smile.

"Be careful with the cutting." I reminded and then I left going up to my room. Damn! Why can't I control myself with this feeling. I'm already outside the underground yet I still want to be on the pentagon.

I brushed my hair in frustration. Is this really the effect of my home after 8 years?

Entering my room, I quickly weighed myself flat on the bad as I closed my eyes to meditate. Clear your mind Zill...

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