Just Pretending

When a killer steps out to replace a person dear to you. What will you do?

The princess of the underground went up to substitute her twin sister's absence aboveground. But because of this event, she will meet the people that will change herself unexpectedly the two gangs that cherishes her twin sister's very existence.


2. Chapter 1: The Accident

* Zillarine


I made my way down the ring after I've killed my enemy. The utility went up the ring after me to clean the blood that scattered all over the floor. As I wiped the blood that was produced from my lip, Sylvester blocked my way at the hallway that leads me back to the stairs going up to the hotel.

"What now?" I asked.

He smiled and stretched his arm to hand over an envelope. "Job hiring." He said.

I took the envelope, opened it and scooped it's content, seeing the picture of the person that I swear I never wanted to see if possible. I looked at Syl again wrinkling my forehead to question him.

"You're needed to get out to the underground to substitute her absence." He said, leaving me in the middle of the hallway.

-3 months ago.-

* Emerald

I sighed staring at the classroom window. I am simply a transferred student so I needed to adjust. Anyway, its alright. I can handle it

I was distracted from my spacing when Mica, Mary, and Mandy called me.

"Let's have lunch, Merald!" Mandy announced that made me turned towards her.

"Merald?" I repeated as the three slung their arms on each shoulders and grinned.

"So that it won't be triple M anymore and will become quatro M. So E-Merald."

I scratched my head with a bit of frown as I stared at them. "Isn't that more manly name for me?"

"If we call you Mion then?"-Mica

"Just call me Zion or Emerald."

The three sighed. "Okay fine."

"Hey, Emerald!" I heard someone called and we all faced the voice owner just to find Gab walking towards us.

"Hi Gab. So handsome as ever." The triple m greeted.

He Smiled shyly and glanced at me. "Hope Emerald sees the same." He said.

"Huh?" I asked surprised. After that I stood up, ignoring what Gab said. "let's have lunch already. Wanna come Gab?" I invited.

He smiled and nodded. "Sure."

And we started leaving.

We made our way to Session Road and searched for an area that we can have some lunch from the high road. (setting is in Baguio, Philippines. >^-^<). After finding a good restaurant, we entered and started digging in.

As we we ate our food, Gab suddenly cleared his throat that caught our attentions. "Emerald... Uh..." He began as he looked at me shyly.

"Hmm?" I asked.

"Can I ask if you have a... Uh... Do you have a boyfriend?" He asked.

I turned silent for a while feeling that the word struck my heart in pain and sadness. Do I still have him??? It's confusing now.

"Right, she has a boyfriend." A very familiar voice spoke behind me.

I looked at my friends and they look obviously shocked. Who will not be?

When I looked at the person behind me, they were couple of boys wearing another kind of school uniform. Oh how it hurts to see him after a month.

"Can you say it again?" I asked.

"I said, you already have a boyfriend." He said.

I bowed my head for him not to see that I missed him. Why is he saying this? "Why are you so confusing?" I stood up and started walking away. As my friends followed me. I could still remember what he said. Emerald, I'm tired. I guess we should rest first... He said and left.

"Zion h-he..." Mary stuttered.

"He is JK." I said.

The girls shrieked. "Dont tell me he is your boyfriend. That hot celebrity! OMG youre so lucky." They praised.

"He is a celebrity?" Gab echoed.

"You mean you dont know? He's international you know. He's a new actor, but he's still famous. Better search the internet." Mandy said.

Gab scratched his head. "Then why is he here? Does he have any concert or something?"

"Dunno." Triple m shook their shoulders.

They all looked at me. "What?" I asked.

"You mean you also don't know why he's here?" They asked.

I didn't reply, instead, I just made my way going back to school. When we were at school, the triple m were acting childishly again, playing hide and seek even though they are already senior high school students. It' kinda unfair. Mandy, who was the bait, was already saying freeze, but those two are still moving. While I just sat and listened to my soundtrack and reading my book.

Suddenly, I heard the deafening shriek that almost broke my eardrum. I could feel my ears getting pierced. Wheb the shriek reach the classroom, I felt nervous again. That feeling every time he comes near me when he didn' t tell me those painful words.

He aproached me and there was the moment of silence. We stared at each other, but I was the first one to withdrew my gaze and looked at something else. Why does he giving me that stare now? That look when he wanted me to lower my little pride left.

"Are you angry at me?" He asked.

"What is this? Why are you here?" I asked. Why do I feel like I wanted what was happening now. That I am happy that he followed me. Or did he?

He grabbed my wrist. "We need to talk." He said pulling me with him as his friends follow behind us.

I tried to pull my hand back. "I still have class." I said. But his grip was tight that I wasn't able to free my hand from him.

Forget it" he said and still pulled me. We reached his car and he started driving away. He always wins when it comes to me. I hate that weakness. While he was driving, I just kept quiet and looked at the window. "I'm sorry." He said.

"What?" I asked surprised. Did he just apologize.

"I was just trying..." He said in regret. "Trying if I could survive if I leave you. But I just couldn't. That's why I followed you here."

I could feel my tears forming. "Trying? Did you ever considered if I'll survive without you? Did you think I'm okay after you suddenly broke my heart in our anniversary? It hurts to see you leaving me like I'm nothing but a video game. Rest? It was like I'm such a useless person. I wanted to know what's wrong with me? How did I became such a tiring person--"

"Emerald I'm sorry." He said it again.

"Please stop the car." I said.

He quietly looked at the road. But then his face looked confused. "Shit!" He cussed.

"What's going on?" I asked.

"The break! Fuck." He cussed again.

"D-don't scare me." I said. I could feel my adrenaline rush. He suddenly hugged me tightly. "I'm sorry." He said. And that was the last thing I heard...

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