Star-Like Words Vol.1 [LGBT]

The story follows first-year college student, Kichi, who finds herself rapidly drowning in the girl she had come to like. And Ray, who fell in love with Kichi at first sight.



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Author's note

All Rights Reserved!
Copyright 2019 by Petagaye Dillion

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The liquor store was quiet for a place I thought would crawl with shady men. I wanted to be in and out. Quick service. I could only hope the salesperson took pity on me since I was a student, although my graduation was in three weeks.

My father was listed among the top-ten best pastry chefs of the year, and for his accomplishment, I wanted to give him something he’d enjoy. A Jamaica Appleton Rum. However, when I got to the rum section, I was feeling like I would have an utter meltdown with all the diverse types offered on display.

Maybe someone was around who could help.

I pulled my knapsack tighter to me by the straps and proceeded down the aisle.

“Hello?” I called out. “Is anyone here?”

Just then, a person emerged from the aisle on my right, startling me and blocking my path. “How did you get in here?”

I stumbled backwards.

Oh, my. What a beautiful woman she was. Was she hiding?

“It’s only polite to respond when asked a question,” said the stranger when I didn’t answer right away.

“The door was open,” I said.

“Damn! I thought I locked it. Good thing you aren’t… wait…”

I panicked and before I knew it, words began sprouting from my mouth. “I know I am not allowed here, but…” I swallowed when she walked towards me.

“This is strange. You’re not asking for an autograph or screaming.”

Autograph? Screaming?

“You… don’t know who I am?” she asked.

“Am I supposed to?”

“Look closely.” She bridged our gap and grabbed my shoulders. “You don’t know about me, do you?”

Ever heard about personal space?

I gritted my teeth and stepped out of her grasp. “Should I?”

“This is a new development. Tell me…” She stepped forward again. “On your way in, did you notice a group of people lingering outside?”


The girl evaluated me.

“You honestly don’t know who I am.”


“I am Ray Lars. The top model.”

Her dramatic emphasis made me want to crack up laughing, something I hadn’t done in such a long time.

I stared at her as I tried to keep a straight face. “Is that so?”

She was a celebrity. It seemed possible. She had that look.

“You don’t read magazines, do you?” She leaned in, causing me to bend backwards.

“Not enough to know who you are.”


Her voice. It was not exotic or mysterious. It was clear like a bell, yet also deep and comforting, like a gentle breeze blowing through my soul.

“Why do you want to buy liquor in your school uniform? I’m sure that’s against school policy,” Ray said this without taking a single step back from me.

Because she was so close it made me uneasy, lightheaded and nauseous.

“Tell me why you need it,” she demanded. “Getting drunk with your friends? Buying for a boyfriend?” Her eyebrow raised.

“It’s for congratulating my father on his accomplishment.”

“Oh? I’ll make a special exception because I am interested in you.”

I blinked. “What?”

“Be mine!” she demanded bluntly.


“The one who will break the law for you has the right to expect that much as a reward, doesn’t she?”

“E-eh…? Reward?” It stunned me. My mouth was agape, like a fish.

How could she say these things out loud? How could she say them so easily? And how could she say this to me? Someone she didn’t even know.

“Is that a no then?” the stranger questioned, snapping me from my dizzy spell of confusion. “You do not have a boyfriend.”



Her smirk was too obvious to ignore. I snorted. Discomfort surged through me.

“I… uh…” I trembled. “Never mind the rum,” I finally said. “I must be on my way now.” I needed to put distance between me and this odd person.

Ray grabbed me. “You’re scared because you never had someone come on to you?”

“Let go!”

“Or is it because you never had someone do it this bluntly? And a girl at that?”

My anxiety level was rising.

“I said let go!”

“That only makes me want to hold on more.”

“You are nuts!”

“You think so?” She licked her lips and smirked. My breathing slowed. “Your face is red. Is this embarrassing you?”

More like shocking me.

Ray wrapped my tie around her hand, the school emblem now sitting in her palm.

“I decided to take it upon myself and have my reward now.”

Before I could grasp the situation, her mouth was pressed against mine. I could not believe what was happening.

A kiss? My first kiss!

I could not breathe.


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