The story follows first-year college student Kichi, who finds herself rapidly drowning in the girl she had come to like. And Yuli, who fell in love with Kichi at first sight.


Author's note

"A GIRL LIKE YOU" is a girl-love-girl story.


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*. . .UNEDITED...*




Nothing settled my nerves like an indulgent hot chocolate with marshmallows and cream. The sweet aroma inside the coffeehouse took over my senses. The bitter, yet invitingly smell and low chatter filled the atmosphere.

“I hope Liberty Company lives up to your expectations, baby girl. You’ve been looking forward to an opportunity like this!” my father, Ian, said.

“But I only get to stay in Bridgeport for summer if I get the job, remember?”

“Come on now. Who would ever turn you down?”

I traced my index finger around the rim of the cup. Liberty was Bridgeport’s most prestigious event company, and my only work experience was in my Papa’s pastry shop; therefore, I was out of my league—intervening for this job; even so . . .

I felt this job will take me one step closer to where I will find which I haven’t up till now.

“You get going or you’ll miss your interview.”

“Okay, Papa.”

I set the phone down with nervous hand and glanced through the window of the coffeehouse, my thoughts racing.

Bridgeport, a large town crazy about its events and entertainment business, with its vibrant, multifaceted culture and stunning townscape and the gentle river that rambled through town, had always been my ideal dream place to live and work.




The high glass building did not look friendly. It seemed empty and cold even though it was a warm summer morning. It made me hesitant to enter. I patted my cheeks.

No turning back.

I smoothed out my wear with a single wipe of my palms. My chosen attire—a mini pleated dress with a black sleeveless lace top while the bottom was cream coloured. Perhaps a little plain, but still pretty, I think. I dressed it down with black stocking and vintage leather pointed-toe oxford shoe.

Unneeded attention was called in my direction thanks to my shoes squeaky noise against the tile floor while walking toward the long and somewhat wide front desk. Before I could give my name, the young girl behind the desk in, well-designed pants suits, stood and welcomed me.

“Miss Hyde, I’ve been expecting you.”

“Oh...! How do you know it’s me?”

“I only have one ten-thirty schedule. It must be you since no one is ever late for an interview here. Tardiness is unwelcome.”

I would think it was unwelcome in any business.

“This way please.”

I nodded and followed.

The white painted room I was placed in for interview consisted of a single, long, mahogany brown wooden table and eight black leather chairs. The walls were as bare as my forehead.

Ahhh . . . I felt so on edge.

“Did you not hear me? Or are you so bored that it’s better to spaced-out than being alert for your interview?”

What the . . .

“No, of course not!” I jumped, startled. “I want to be here, believe me! I’m not bored at all.”

Who was this woman? Was she the one interviewing me?

“I’m Rias, and if you’re done gawping like a lost child, I’ll have your name.”

“Kichi is my name. Kichi Hyde.”

“Ok, Miss Hyde, let’s start with an HR classic.” Rias pulled out a chair and sat across from me. “What makes you a good employee?”

“Um . . . I am a dependable person,” I answered while trying not to shrink under Rias strong gaze.

“Mm . . .” She wrote something down on a paper pad. “There’s nothing better than an employee who consistently follows through. Moving on. Everyone I interview dreams of working here . . . but you need a certain “je ne sais quoi!” to make it here! So, tell me, why do you want to work at Liberty?”

Coming September, I will begin my second year of college—where I studied Artist and Project Development. The course concentrated on discovering and managing artists. Create project ideas and brand developing.

“It’s my absolute desire to learn all I can about the entertainment business and Liberty is my starting point.”

“I see.”

My eyes dropped to my entwined fingers. I did not like being noticed and seen by people. Keeping to myself puts me at ease and that was what I had been doing until I realised it was no longer enough and the only way I could meet a certain person again was to step outside my comfort zone—into an industry I will likely crumble underneath.

“Rias!” Suddenly, someone called from outside of the room.

Rias did not reply.

“Cancel my activities for today! Did you hear me? I am meeting with Arah, if I don’t visit, she’ll burn this company to the ground!” The yelling voice came again.

Before long, the door opened, and a young female stepped into the room. My eyes widened in disbelief.

Couldn’t be!

“Consider them cancel. If that’s all, go. I need to finish up here.”

Yuli, for the first time, did a quick inventory of the room. Her emerald eyes caught me. Was that a look of surprise? Recognition?

I wondered if she remembered me and couldn’t believe my own desperation—at wanting her to remember me.

A flush crept up my face.

“Oh, sorry! I didn’t realise you were busy.”

“I told you, this morning is the last of the interview process and the final candidate is coming from Chester.”

“You did?”

“When I talk do you listen—at all?”

“Not really.” Yuli ginned tauntingly. Rias glared.

This was insane!

Encountering Yuli was a welcoming surprise. I did not expect to see her in my interview let along being interviewed by her manager.

Yuli’s mobile rang, but she seemed reluctant to answer.

“Excuse me while I take this. Rias let’s talk outside in a while.”

I stared dazedly, mouth ajar.

That which I haven’t found up till now.

Could Rias feel it? The heat raiding off my skin just by being in the same room with Yuli? Could she hear it? The loud thumping of my heart?

“Well, that concludes the interview. Thank you for your time,” Rias said in dismissal.

“Thank you for seeing me.” I bowed, then left.




Where should I go now? Coffeehouse? Or should I sightsee? Today might be my last time in Bridgeport for a while. But gosh—I was tired.

Inside my throw-over-the-shoulder bag, I retrieved the map of Bridgeport I bought earlier this morning to help find places while in town. My tired eyes flickered across it; the medium size red dots identified local attractions.

Let’s see where I should visit. Hmm . . .

“Hey, wait up!”

My eyes shifted from the map—towards the voice; eyebrows narrowed as someone approached me. A girl.



I wonder what she wanted.

“You interviewed for a job at Liberty, right?” she asked straight away.

“Yeah, how did you . . .”

“I think I interviewed for the same job just before you. You met with Rias.”

“I did.”

“I didn’t think it went well for me . . . I was so nervous! How did it go for you?”

“I survived my encounter.”

“She’s tough. Well, I suppose the best candidate will win, huh! I am Patrice.”

“Nice to meet you. I’m Kichi. I came in from Chester this morning.”

“You travelled all this way!” she exclaimed. “I am impressed. I am from Bridgeport. I live close by.”

“That’s great. It’s nice here.”

“I hear that a lot. You seem like such a nice person! It’s a shame only one of us can get hired. But whatever happens . . . I hope we can become friends, right?”

Friends? So suddenly . . .

I hadn’t had one friend growing up. It had been the same every year until recently. To have friends, I would only get hurt and ridiculed once they find out I liked girls and find boys a turnoff. And that was something I didn’t need.

“I suppose,” I answered uncertainly.

“I wish I could talk more and get to know you better, but I must go now. Maybe we will see each other around town. It was nice meeting you Kichi. I hope we do this again sometime!”

“Good luck with the job.”

“You, too.” Patrice waved goodbye.

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