The story follows first-year college student Kichi, who finds herself rapidly drowning in the girl she had come to like. And Yuli, who fell in love with Kichi at first sight.


Author's note

"A GIRL LIKE YOU" is a girl-love-girl story.


6. 06


*. . .UNEDITED...*





Stupid! stupid! why did Yuli had to come in at that moment? She hated me now.

I slid down the bathroom door, knees in an upright position.

Why was I overreacting? She and I weren’t in a relationship. So . . . it was fine, right?

A knock on the door startled me.

“Tie, you are annoying! I am not in the mood. Go away already!” I hissed, irritated.


My heart throbbed. “Yuli!” Tie must have told her where to find me. ‘. . . um . . . did you want something?”

“You’ve been in there for some time. Are you, all right?”

I wasn’t all right. But I couldn’t tell her that.

“. . . Yes. I am fine. Be out in a moment.”

“OK. Well . . . I have to get going.”

“You’re leaving?”

“There’s something I have to take care of. Someone I need to see.”

Someone. Need!

My fingers gripped the towel around her body tightly, my heart beating so fast I felt dizzy.


“Good-bye, Kichi.”

Why did it sound final? Did this mean I wouldn’t see you again? Will my last memory of you be that pain an in your eyes?

My thoughts wouldn’t slow. I kept wondering what to do . . . if there was anything I could do or say to keep Yuli in Chester a while longer. But there wasn’t anything. She had to return to her world, where she belonged. That was all right. Whatever happened yesterday on the train was enough for me, even if my memories were a bit hazy. It was enough because Yuli was with me.




I put on blossom clouded lace boy-shorts underwear—then secured my breast with padded bra. Looking at my reflection in the mirror, I shoved my bangs upward to inspect myself properly. My large eyes flickered over the image looking back at me.

Just like I thought . . . nothing special. Nothing that could keep Yuli at my side.

Releasing my hair, I turned away from the mirror—toward the bed—where a jumper shorts and yellow, short sleeve, scoop neck crop top, clothes were spread out. My attire for the day.

At the same time, I reached out to pick up my top, a phone rang. I froze momentarily.

I peeled back the bed sheets until a phone revealed itself.

“Hello,” I answered.

“Who is this?” an angry female voice demanded. “Where is, Yuli?”


“Yes! The phone’s owner?”


I shifted the phone from my ear and looked at it. “Rias de Claire” appeared on the screen. Yuli’s manager. The unfriendly woman who treated me like an unwanted guest at a dinner party during my interview.

Yikes! How did her phone ended up in my room?

My morning surely turned from bad to worse rather quickly.

“Um . . . Rias, it’s Kichi.” I coiled like a scared child who just heard about the bogeyman.

“Are you kidding me?! Less than a day with you and newspapers speculating. How very bothersome.” Her hissing came through the phone like the sound of a sneak.

I didn’t know what to say—so I remained quiet.

“Where is she? Put her on the phone.”

“She’s not here. She left for Bridgeport. Had something to take care and . . . someone to see.”

“She is still in Chester,” Rias informed me. “Just find her.”

“Yuli is in Chester?”

Just knowing that my heart quickened.

“Don’t sound relieved. You’re not the reason she’s there. However, I do need you to deliver her phone.”

I sat down on the bed. “I don’t know where she is.”

“Yuli’s childhood friend, Arah, has a liquor store downtown Chester, by the same name. It’s very central and quite easy to locate. That’s where she is. I will call back in a few hours.”

I lowered the phone from my ear with a heavy heart. I wasn’t the reason Yuli was in Chester. She had a purpose to visit and there I was thinking she boarded the train because of me.

I bent forward and picked up the newspaper lying on the floor with the picture of me and Yuli, crushed it into a ball and tossed it across the room in frustration.

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