The story follows first-year college student Kichi, who finds herself rapidly drowning in the girl she had come to like. And Yuli, who fell in love with Kichi at first sight.


She’s got such long eyelashes. And such gorgeous green eyes, it was like she was wearing colour contacts. Beautiful like a 2D character.


Author's note

"A GIRL LIKE YOU" is a girl-love-girl story.


5. 05


*. . .UNEDITED...*




“Kichi! Wake up!”

“Come on, wake up!”

I growled and attempted to move my feet only to find it impossible as the weight on me got heavier. Two hands pinned my shoulder blades and began to shake me.

Still drunk in sleep and aggravated, I slapped the hands holding me down.

“Get out of my room, Tie!”

“Do we have to go through this routine every morning—where you act as if you don’t like my way of waking you up?”

That was right! Every morning since Tie started working for Papa she had become a complete headache. But friendship built like this was good too, I think.

“You’re annoying, leave.”

“You have to see this! Open your eyes. If you don’t, I will kiss you until you’re breathless.”

“Please don’t you shameless girl. Why are your face and voice the first things I must see and hear every morning? I still don’t know what I did to deserve this.”

“Oh, you’re being so cute this early in the morning.”


Tie was always like this, ever since we met last month. I didn’t get her personality at all. Even so,  I found it easier to handle than most.

“You made the morning newspaper!” Tie told me.



My eyes opened for the first time. The light from my night table illuminated the bedroom, and the morning sun peeps from behind my silver grey curtains.

“See. You’re in the celebrity section.”

“Get off me.” I hissed.

“But I like being on you, fills me with all sort of kinky ideas.” She grinned tauntingly.

“Stop messing around.”

Even now, it surprised me how Tie and I become good friends so suddenly. It was nice.

“Let me see what the excitement is over.” I snatched the newspaper form Tie and sat upright. The weight of her made my feet numb. I rubbed my eyes before looking over the morning paper.


For the most part, the face in the photo was hidden . . . but girl comfortable sleeping on Yuli’s shoulder wore an identical dress like mine. Her frame . . . skin tone . . .  and head of hair peeking out from behind the vest made it hard to deny this person wasn’t me.

“I don’t understand. How?” I looked at Tie as if she could explain.

“I remember when we first met you were looking at a magazine with this girl on its cover. Not to mention the amount you have. I didn’t know you two were so close. I thought you were just an obsessed fan.”

I glared. “Die already! We are not close. I met her a year ago, but I didn’t know who she was at the time. Then I saw her in my interview yesterday, and—no way!”


“Err . . . um . . .” my face heated. “I think she was on the train with me yesterday.”

“You think?”

“I was tired, and though I was dreaming.”

“You finally met her. Isn’t that great?”

“Wait. If it wasn’t a dream, where is she now? Did she return to Bridgeport?” I frantically asked.

“Even if you ask me that I still wouldn’t know.”

“Papa must know something.”

I could only remember pieces of yesterday, after boarding the train, like jump cuts . . . but . . . I still couldn’t believe it.

“I will ask Papa about it.” I attempted to move again and couldn’t. “Tie.”

She didn’t answer. Her thoughts seemed far away. I slapped her leg.

Tie blinked. “What?” Her voice was unexpectedly crude.

I ignored it.

“I said get off.”


“You’re heavy.”

“Even if that were true, you don’t directly tell someone they are heavy.”

“Why not?”

“Albeit I like your naïve side and the fact that you don’t mince words, some people will find it offensive, you know.”

“Does no one appreciate—”

What . . . what are you doing suddenly?

“Kichi, open your mouth.”

“No!” I shoved and slapped her, but Tie face remained close still.


Tie was like me. Someone who liked girls . . . and since we met she kissed me often on my lips. I thought she grew up overseas and kissing was a form of greeting . . . since she never mentioned liking me romantically. So why was Tie’s tongue in my mouth now? And even though I said “no” earlier, why couldn’t I push her away?

Geez . . . I really do let this girl have her own way.

“You used your tongue,” I muttered when Tie broke our link. “That was intimate for a friendly kiss,” I complained. “Let’s not do it again.”

“Yeah, let’s not.”

Her response surprised me. Honestly, I expected some sort of debate.

“I have never seen your expression this gentle before.” Tie acknowledged.

“It’s because I am glad. I always thought if I told you not to kiss me anymore you would stop being my friend. You’re my first friend so I don’t know how this sort of thing work.”

“Christ!” Tie’s palms were pressed against my cheeks and her mouth still very close to mine. “This is why your naïve self is so cute, Kichi.”

“I am not —” My bedroom door opened suddenly, interrupting me. “Yuli!? So, then, it wasn’t a dream after all.

“Dream.” Yuli scoffed. “When will you stop confuse dreams with reality?” Her voice had an edge that made me recoiled.

“Yuli . . .?”

“Your father asked me to see if you’re awake.”

“Oh!” It was all I could muster. The scene between Tie and I likely gave the wrong impression.

“Hello, there, supermodel.” Dropping her hold on me, Tie greeted Yuli.

Yuli glared and Tie looked smug. There was something definitely happening between them.

“I will let your father know you’re very much awake.” Yuli hissed and left without looking at me. The door slammed behind her.

A breath left me in a rush. I seemed to lock the ability to move or even to look away from where Yuli stood moments ago.

What just happened?



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